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Anchored Thoughts

I was anchored in thought by trembling language.

I was caught in a storm of overwhelming emotion.

I was aware of the upcoming date,

A year later and I am left without a notion… 407 more words


Coffee date + Life update!

Hey gorgeous sisters!!

So yea, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here due to life! It’s been crazy around these parts. Well, more crazy than the norm ;) 600 more words

Date with self!

While growing up I was that person who would starve rather than eating alone. I hated it, mostly because despite being a single child who mostly hated sharing, I grew up with people around for everything I wanted to do. 289 more words

Dates bombing at the bar? Think: coffee

Are you playing Hide and Seek with First Dates?

Is he interested  and available and then- Bam! He disappears? 

Pssst: We call these guys Rude Dudes… 235 more words

If You Don't Have a Vice, I Can't Date You.

I’m not talking hard core drug use or a gambling addiction… but I genuinely find it weird when people don’t drink coffee or alcohol. Like… please pick one. 948 more words


If We Were On a Coffee Date | Vol. 6

Once again, it’s been a long time since our last coffee date. Almost eight months or so – just after I made the big move. 340 more words

Twenty Something

Coffee or Tea? A Ridiculous Dating Update

I’m going to take a moment to horrify my friends.  Guys, I don’t love coffee. I’m sorry. I know. I’ve been pretending for you for years in order to be accepted, but there it is – a simple truth.  891 more words