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What I Have Discovered About Love

I am a firm believer of magic, fairytales, happy ever after, forever- a believer of love.
It may sound so childish to still believe in those things, but doesn’t we used to believe in them? 895 more words


Coffee Dates: Traffic

Hello all!

You may want to put your coffee in a travel mug for this one because we are going on a little road trip.  Don’t worry.   520 more words



To all my coffee,chocoholic,restaurant loving friends!

I recently discovered a hidden treasure  tucked away in the  corner of 44 Stanley,Milpark.

A quaint little artisanal chocolate shop where you can watch your chocolates being made.As well as have a little taster ….of what you might  enjoy  before you indulge a girlfriend,wife,family or a friend. 163 more words

All Things Nice

Hello all!!!

Welcome back to another coffee date.  This post requires more creative juices flowing than what I normally do for a Coffee Date so make sure you have had your cup of crazy joe for the day! 555 more words


Coffee Dates: Santa's Stocking

Hello all!

Given we only have 5 days until Christmas (what?!) I thought it would be appropriate to use a holiday themed prompt for this installment off coffee dates.   364 more words


Coffee choices :)

If I can put happiness in a cup it will be C O F F E E. I am planning to have my own coffee shop. 350 more words


5 Reasons To Do Coffee Dates

From my very unscientific research from Twitter, I get the impression that people seem to dislike coffee dates. Women want the guy to “invest more”. And men… just rarely suggest them. 452 more words