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The Roman Road : The Plan of Salvation

The Bible is a big book with sixty six divisions in all. The book of Romans is a series of verses that outlines God’s plan for salvation. 261 more words

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This is what I learned from regret

It was the fifth time my college Psychology professor told us that there are two kinds of regrets, (1) regrets from things you have done and said, and (2) things you have not done and have not said. 421 more words

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Good And Bad First Date Locations

I went on a first date with a guy from Plenty of Fish the other week, and he mentioned that he finds he ends up going on a lot of first dates, but not many seconds. 1,017 more words


Emotions [Can Be] Are Beautiful, too

Being emotional is beautiful. Being able to feel things deeply is beautiful. It’s not being an attention seeker, it simply means you acknowledge every emotion handed to you by the universe.  501 more words

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Coffee Date #1: Laura Marston + Insulin

Many thanks to Laura Marston for joining us as the inaugural guest on Very Light, No Sugar’s Coffee Dates interview series.  With a template similar to the brief “getting to know you” interviews in pop culture magazines, VLNS’  366 more words


What I Have Discovered About Love

I am a firm believer of magic, fairytales, happy ever after, forever- a believer of love.
It may sound so childish to still believe in those things, but doesn’t we used to believe in them? 895 more words


Coffee Dates: Traffic

Hello all!

You may want to put your coffee in a travel mug for this one because we are going on a little road trip.  Don’t worry.   520 more words