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Coffee Dates

For a while now I have been going on coffee dates with inspiring people. Going on coffee dates is an essential part of building your business network and knowledge. 358 more words

Coffee Dates

The Coffee Sergeant

This is the tale of Mark the Cop.

I like cops. I’ve never had a problem (or run in) with them, and I genuinely believe they are true heroes in an otherwise individualistic¬†society. 875 more words

Coffee Dates

Social awkwardness is everywhere

We are beings of such social awkwardness, at times I wonder how we ever meet anyone and keep them at our side long enough to be promoted to ‘friend’. 730 more words


Latte Chat: The Best Advice Is Given Over a Latte

I originally started this blog as a platform to talk about the issues and realities my girlfriends and I chat about over coffee (or wine). 197 more words


Over coffee.

If I had the privilege of enjoying a good old latte with you today friend I’d get a grande white mocha with two pumps.¬† Heck, let’s make that one a venti!! 745 more words

If We Were on a Coffee Date | Vol. 2

Surprisingly, several notable things have occurred over the last month since our first coffee date. I only say that it’s surprising because I feel like all I do is go to work, workout, read, and sleep. 339 more words


Social Experiment: Date #2

Let me preface this by saying that prior to this experiment, my dating had been extremely limited. All 3 of my prior relationships began as first dates and somehow both of us coincidentally weren’t seeing other people and the next thing I knew we were a couple. 632 more words