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Let's Begin

W E L C O M E to my new Z O N E.

You came! You made it! I made it. It’s been a little bit of a journey to get here and I have that weird feeling of tentative success that one might feel when hanging the first picture up in an otherwise empty apartment wall. 376 more words

Real Talk

Avoid Coffee Dates


One should never go out for coffee for a first date. Coffee is a stimulant. It heightens a woman’s awareness, setting her Detective Agency on overdrive, enabling her to more easily scrutinize every action you make and every word you say, putting Sherlock Holmes to shame.

Places To Go On A First Date

The Lure of the Coffee Date

One of the best things in the world must be entering a coffee shop, either to meet up with a friend or to escape life if even for a few minutes. 1,005 more words


Disconnected From Reality

We’re now up to 2010 so by now I had been husband hunting for 7 years.  Between my last date and this one I had died twice in one night, survived cancer, permanently lost my ability to have kids at 33, had two family members unexpectedly die finishing my Psychology degree, moved from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne and survived a major depressive episode that required 2 years of antidepressants and therapy just to function so I figured it really didn’t matter what hand-grenades life tossed in my path I would be able to deal with it. 1,098 more words

Bad Dates

The Millionaire

The next and final guy I went on a date with at that point in time is someone I really really wish I could have made myself fall in love with and feel sexually attracted to and not just because this guy had a spare million just sitting in investment accounts as his “play fund”.   154 more words


One Word Respondent

Having moved back to the Sunshine Coast and had my life turned upside down, inside out and back wards I decided to re-enter the dating world.   551 more words

Bad Dates

Mr Addiction

The final date I went on through the dating agency from hell was with a guy who should never have made it past their interview process let alone been sent on dates with people. 667 more words

Bad Dates