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Cold Brew vs Iced Pour Over

By: Gabe Venegas

Wholesale Account Manager and Coffee Educator, Kean Coffee

With summer rapidly approaching, we thought It would be fun to bring up the never-ending battle between Cold Brew vs Iced Pour Over. 1,251 more words

New SCA School in East London

Perky Blenders opens a New SCA School in East London

 Introducing the AST

Regine loves coffee. She has a stack of green coffee books on her bedside table, sleeps with her refractometer, dreams of the perfect extraction, cups every morning, then drinks coffee throughout the day. 173 more words

Barista Training

Joe Coffee's Classes: Home Brew Methods

In the heart of the FlatIron District, surrounded by fitness boutiques and doughnut shops, tucked away on 21st, you will find Joe Coffee‘s Headquarters.  In the front an espresso machine, grinder, drip brewer, and a lot of talent will serve you amazing single source coffee–a different kind each day!   409 more words

Coffee Shops

Coffee Education at Public Espresso

Specialty coffee is slowly catching on in Buffalo and for the people working in the industry, education is a critical part of expanding the movement. Education in a Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks and Tim Horton’s dominated region isn’t always easy, but it’s the foundation of Public Espresso + Coffee’s weekly classes, called Assembly Nights. 360 more words

Specialty Coffee

Coffee 101: The Three Waves

To speak of coffee is to speak of waves.

Even when you are drinking the average small cup of drip coffee from a local coffee shop, you are a part of third wave coffee. 435 more words

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