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KNOW YOU COFFEE DAYS - Recurring Monthly Event

Coffee Lovers! This event is for you! We have partnered with Esencia Cafe – a Canadian Company owned and operated by Salvadorans Luis and Erica Navarrete. 90 more words


Coffee bitterness versus strength

Way back in 1995, when I first started drinking coffee, I had no idea about what a good cuppa was supposed to taste like. All I cared about was that it was keeping me bright, alert, awake. 562 more words

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Australia vs the rest of the coffee world

The typical Aussie loves a bit of good-natured competition and although the coffee scene is a world away from the sporting field, it’s still an area we like to give our all.¬† 543 more words

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Coffee cupping explained

If you’re the kind of coffee drinker who loves to try new blends or origins, then the next step to build on your coffee knowledge has to be cupping. 584 more words

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Simple brewing guide for AeroPress

Want to make exceptional coffee in no time at all? The AeroPress is a fairly new way of creating expresso strength coffee in only a matter of minutes. 382 more words

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Cafe quality coffee at home? Yes you can!

Baristas cover your ears, because your professional coffee-making secrets are about to be released to the public. The truth is if you have excellent coffee, a great machine and a bit of coffee know-how, you too can make cafe quality lattes, capps, long blacks etc, at home! 740 more words

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The wonderful world of latte art

Every barista has their favourite go-to pattern to impress their customers. Depending how artistic they’re feeling, they may stick to the old favourites or go crazy with the back of their spoon or a latte art pen and create something really amazing. 334 more words

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