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Manchester Coffee Festival

Cup North

 Some of you have heard of Cup North, now known as Manchester Coffee Festival, and perhaps you want to know more. Well, let Ricardo Gandara and Hannah Davies tell us about more about this refreshingly new festival, who I spoke to recently at… 390 more words


Café Education oui!

Café Education oui! Mais pourquoi? Et ensuite que faire?

J’ai lu beaucoup d’articles sur l’éducation et la formation du café, cependant je trouve que l’information peut être confuse parfois. 1,832 more words

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Coffee Education: How Do You Pick a Course?

Coffee Education yes! But what for? And then what is next?

(written for Perfect Daily Grind)

I have read many articles about coffee education and training, however I find the information can be confusing sometimes. 1,409 more words


The Coffee Seed: A Forgotten Technology

The Coffee Seed: A Forgotten Technology

Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research gives an illuminating talk on our most fundamental of coffee technologies: the plant itself. 38 more words


The Other Benefits of Used Ground Coffee

The Other Benefits of Used Ground Coffee (… and coffee!)

Every morning , I enjoy power walking or and going to gym. It improves my olfactory senses. 288 more words

Coffee Chat

Qui est Kaldi?


remarquant que lorsque ses chêvres ruminaient les baies rouge vif d’une certaine brousse, elles sont devenus plus énergiques (chèvres dansantes), a goûté le fruit lui-même. 197 more words

Coffee Chat