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Where Are The National Geographic Magazines Heading?

A look at what Disney buying Fox would mean forĀ National Geographic MagazineĀ  and other media associated with it. As well whether that would be best for it.


Coffee House Writers Articles

Saying Goodbye To John McCain

An article in memory of John McCain in light of his passing. Along with some of his views on service to one’s country. As well as how I have not always agreed with him. ‘


Coffee House Writers Articles

Convenience Stores: A Measuring Stick For The Economy

A look at how convenience stores tell a lot about the economy. And, how we can tell more about it from them. As well as why we should pay attention to them.


Coffee House Writers Articles

Why I Am A Cheeseburger Addict

An article on what makes me enjoy cheeseburgers so much. As well as why they are such a versatile food that should be tried more people.


Coffee House Writers Articles

Teaching Starts With Teachers

A look at how we as a society treat and should be treating teachers. As well as how it benefits education to treat teachers better.


Coffee House Writers Articles