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Coffee Klatch with Gervilyn, Gaddam, and Shivani

It was all Amazon’s idea (not Jeff Bezos’ Amazon’s founder in particular) but his Amazon Kindle Team. I know because that’s who sent me the email. 856 more words


Love and 4 jars of rice and water: Experiment #3

On March 1, sans grandchild (she was in school), I started the third month’s experiment with rice, water, gratitude and kindness. She and I had discussed what we wanted to do differently this month. 2,539 more words

Coffee Klatch

Namaste and the three jars of rice and water: Experiment #2

Remember the rice, water and love experiment my granddaughter and I did in January? We didn’t stop there. We extended the experiment into February, with one difference: Instead of cursing the second jar and ignoring the third, we (or I most days) spoke only kindness to all three. 1,439 more words

Coffee Klatch

30 days of love, hate and indifference: Rice and water experiment #1

See those three jars? They’re part of an experiment the eight-year-old granddaughter and I began on January 1 to see if mere words and actions can make a difference to water and organic matter. 1,516 more words

Coffee Klatch

Reeling in chaos, seeking answers

Normally, you’d see the latest Friday 5 post in this spot today. I’ve had it ready to go since Wednesday, but this morning it seemed obscene to post a cheery recipe share, in the wake of three recent murders-by-cop ( 412 more words

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