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Canadian Humanists Need to Focus

Secular Humanists must focus on being Humanists rather than exerting time and energy arguing with religions and their followers. Theists are not going to be convinced that their beliefs are wrong. 594 more words

Canadian Humanism

My canning fever has not subsided, this past weekend I made dill pickles. Unhappy with the contents of premade pickling spices, I ventured off on my own. 207 more words


Garden and Gun Magazine...

Yes you read that correctly, Garden & Gun Magazine. I know, I know what you are thinking, guns and gardens, what the heck is going on here… 496 more words


Canning Bug...

Hmm, actually the last thing you want in a jar you’ve just processed is a bug. However, I have as of late, been overcome with the idea of canning. 62 more words


All the Knowledge in the World

What if you could assimilate everything you heard? I meanĀ everything.

I began to think about this while sitting with my morning coffee klatch at Starbucks. 534 more words