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Coffee Klatch

My bestfriends and I love to meet up once in a while over coffee to just talk about life and sometimes, to gossip.

I first encountered this word while searching for a perfect word to describe our meetings. 182 more words

Coffee Klatch

Coffee talk

If we were having coffee this week, I’d probably offer to make it. Given that I invested far too much in every coffee-making system out there over the past few months—searching for the Mother of all coffee experiences—it only seems fitting you benefit from my failed experiments. 748 more words


Coffee Klatch with Gervilyn, Gaddam, and Shivani

It was all Amazon’s idea (not Jeff Bezos’ Amazon’s founder in particular) but his Amazon Kindle Team. I know because that’s who sent me the email. 856 more words


Love and 4 jars of rice and water: Experiment #3

On March 1, sans grandchild (she was in school), I started the third month’s experiment with rice, water, gratitude and kindness. She and I had discussed what we wanted to do differently this month. 2,539 more words

Coffee Klatch

Namaste and the three jars of rice and water: Experiment #2

Remember the rice, water and love experiment my granddaughter and I did in January? We didn’t stop there. We extended the experiment into February, with one difference: Instead of cursing the second jar and ignoring the third, we (or I most days) spoke only kindness to all three. 1,439 more words

Coffee Klatch

30 days of love, hate and indifference: Rice and water experiment #1

See those three jars? They’re part of an experiment the eight-year-old granddaughter and I began on January 1 to see if mere words and actions can make a difference to water and organic matter. 1,516 more words

Coffee Klatch