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It's YayYay's Kitchen birthday!

One year ago today YayYay’s Kitchen launched quietly, without fanfare, with just two posts up, both easy recipes. The first, this ten-minute experiment making coconut milk. 930 more words

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Quick tip for making fast meals at home

For a hot breakfast on the go, a quick lunch, or a supper that needs to come together in less than thirty minutes,  doing this one thing can help it happen: When you’re chopping onions, peppers and other often-used vegetables, chop an extra half cup or so and 162 more words

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Can going vegan prevent cancer?

Surprisingly, the answer seems to be yes. More precisely in this day and age of being careful what we say, a 2012 study shows that a vegan diet may reduce the risk of cancer. 371 more words

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Neurotoxins with your strawberries, Ma'am?

When farmer Jim Cochran walked into his strawberry patch before dawn one morning, he didn’t know that, by the time the sun rose, he would be sick, poisoned by powerful pesticides. 621 more words

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coffee klatch: Word of the day for April 18, 2016

coffee klatch , n :
A social gathering for conversation while drinking coffee.

4 Ways to protect ourselves from arsenic in rice

Do you remember the news stories about arsenic in our rice a few years ago? Since then, we’ve cut way back on our rice consumption at our house. 750 more words

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Coffee klatch: Slow flowers with Debra Prinzing

Ready for a cuppa and some conversation? Come on in. Have a blueberry scone, hot from the oven. Me? I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day and this interview I ran across on Theresa Loe’s web site Living Home Grown. 356 more words

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