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Coffee Klatsch, Updates, and Muskrat Love at Yonder Hoffman Haus

I saw a muskrat while I was out and about yesterday.  An actual muskrat.  ADORABLE!!!  I had my camera ready, taking pics of the river that runs through my neighborhood when I saw him.   906 more words

Random Ramblings

Coffee Klatsch At Yonder Hoffman Haus

We had a series of storms roll through last night, with a red spot hitting us around 4 AM.  I heard the thunder rumbling  just before I fell asleep.   494 more words


Poll: Does it matter where your food comes from?

How much does it matter to you where your food comes from and whether the workers who tend and harvest the crops have safe working conditions and receive fair compensation? 242 more words

Seeds To Table

The Road to 65, Mile 248: Dog Days

August 3, 2015, Prescott- This is the week that school resumes in Yavapai County, so this morning, I went over to Prescott High School and made an appearance at the Faculty and Staff Convocation Breakfast, loading up on light pastries and fruit, saying hello to a few teachers I recognized and just observing the overall mood of the group, from my solo seat at an empty table.   415 more words


Let's Talk! How women and biodiversity feed the world--not GMOs

Coffee klatsch! Welcome. Grab a chair. Cream and sugar for your coffee? Now tell me, what’s on your mind? Me? I’m thinking of this question of biodiversity and small-scale farming versus Big Ag and GMOs. 955 more words

Growing Good Food

Two serious fires in Calgary on Saturday

On Saturday I walked down to the Scotia Centre on Stephen Avenue to meet my friend Helga for coffee. On 4th Street, just before the 9th Avenue overpass, I entered into, what I assumed to be, a huge dust cloud. 353 more words

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