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Coffee Mate's New Dairy Free Creamers

I LOVE the new dairy free creamers by Coffee Mate. The first one they released was the vanilla flavored one. I went through these things like water for a few weeks. 199 more words


2017 Project 365, Day 95: Coffee Mate Salted Caramel Creamer

Photo #95: April 5

I rarely use coffee creamer, but this had me at salted caramel, so I tried it. Yes, it does have a nice caramel taste, but salt? 13 more words

Coffee-Mate Says To Stir Things Up

I know that I write a blog about ads, but I admit that I skip preroll ads on YouTube when I can. When I want to watch something specific, I want to watch it RIGHT NOW, and not sit through a commercial, regardless of the length. 108 more words

Oy , what a week!

If we were having coffee, I think this might be one of those days when the coffee needs a shot of something stronger than Coffee-Mate. At this point, however, I’m not sure if that “something stronger” should be whiskey or antibiotics. 652 more words

Nestle Coffee-mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer

I have to get some of this every single year. It never fails to make me happy and I stock up on it when the fall season is over and they are trying to get rid of the stuff. 93 more words


But Wait, Coffee First — Create At-Home Coffee Station

I like big cups and I cannot lie. All you other lovers can’t deny. When a venti walks in with a…..OK I’m done. I’ve been drinking coffee since Kimmy Gibbler started bursting in the Tanner house uninvited. 704 more words