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Good Morning!!

So, I decided to try a different creamer for my coffee and stumbled across Nestlé’s Coffee-mate flavor, Sweet Cream (natural bliss), and I love it!  Try it and let me know what you think or share one you love so I can try it. 48 more words

Naked baristas? Free coffee? Nestle wants your attention

Nestle is going natural – with its creamer and its baristas.

The Swiss company cast “nude” baristas — male and female actors covered only in body paint — to draw attention its Coffee-Mate creamer. 107 more words


Nestle Is Using Naked Baristas to Sell Coffee Creamer

What do naked people have to do with coffee creamer?

Nestle is using the former to try and sell you the latter. It’s part of a new ad campaign for the Nestle-owned Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, a line of naturally flavored dairy creamer launched in 2011. 283 more words

Will HagfaceKyle EVER Get A Deal As CoffeeMate Spokesperson?

HagfaceKyle really works to get those spokesperson jobs!  HFKyle was recently named spokesperson for dry eyes, after she talked about the agony of living with her dry eyes throughout 2014. 69 more words


Latinas Have Hot & Steamy Relationships with Their Coffee

Not content with launching a “Latin-inspired” line of products featuring a hot & steamy abuela and producing its own telenovela, Coffee Mate is back on its “hot steamy” theme, this time in the form of a short video featuring a Latina having way too much pleasure with her coffee. 39 more words

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Caramel Frappes a la Stephanie

The other weekend, I stopped by Stephanie’s house. We hung out, watched Unbroken, and played around with her new blender & coffee machine. She made me a delicious caramel frappe. 215 more words


Girl Scout Cookie Creamer

Time is running out, kids. Those little girls with their sashes and saleswoman smiles are about to send off pages worth of Girl Scout cookie order forms, and there will be nothing left for us to do but wait! 179 more words

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