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The sun is shining and the birds are making their soft bird song. The neighbourhood is silent around me; it is too early in the morning for much activity. 117 more words

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The ALS Phenomenon; The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral on social media during July–August 2014.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, was an activity involving the dumping of a bucket of ice and water over a person’s head, either by another person or self-administered, to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as motor neurone disease and in the US as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and encourage donations to research. 260 more words



For Many States and Counties That Place Your Love Ones In Hospice, In-Home Care or Nursing Homes For Those of Age of 55 Years or Over. 176 more words

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Building the Texas coffee industry with the #FairTradeCertified seal.

Sustainability. Transparency. Customer-Focused.

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At Coffee Retailer, the Fair Trade Certified is in our promise. 136 more words

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Sustainability Goals

Building new environmental partnerships & goals for the future.

As many of our consumers and
long-time customers know, fair trade coffee requires a certain set of social… 250 more words

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