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What Your Coffee Drink Says About Your Personality

83% of people like coffee but appartnleyt how you like your coffee can reveal a lot about your personality. The bloggerof I Love Coffee took the results from a recent study about the habits of coffee drinkers and put them into this info graphic. 117 more words


What does the coffee you drink, say about you?


We all have our favorite coffee and we all have different reasons for why. However, what does the coffee you drink, say about you to others? 652 more words

What your COFFEE says about you

Jump start your week with a cup of coffee.

Check out this chart and see what your coffee says about YOU.
Source Doghouse Diaries

Staring, Stalking and other Shite.

Hey, here’s a question: Do you ever find yourself inexplicably staring into the cold, dead eyes of a caffeine addict? No? Then you must not be a barista. 1,224 more words

Coffee Personality

Mrs 'Half-a-Fucking-Panini'

Some people are dicks. We know this. And some people are physically repulsive. We are not allowed to comment on this. Because sometimes, physically repulsive people are nice, and therefore do not repulse us. 521 more words


Coffee Crushes- A Valentines Special

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: There are only three reasons we will remember your drink.

1- You’re in so often, and such a victim of routine that we’d have to be brain dead not to. 462 more words

Coffee Personality

Why Facial Expressions are Not The Same as Adjectives, and Other Problems

There’s been an endless rush of people doing this recently. They buy a new drink, go away, taste it, and the come back (usually by hovering around the till instead of queuing behind the ONE person who’s already ordering, like a polite human being) until I look up. 479 more words