Kobrick Coffee - Meatpacking, NYC

Hands down the best Iced Latte I have had in a while. Trust me, I have had my share of iced coffee and THIS is a winner. 95 more words

New York

New Tim Horton's to open soon on Ouellette Avenue

A former long-time Wendy’s restaurant in the 1400 block of Ouellette Avenue, which was shuttered a year ago, is being converted into a new Tim Horton’s location, the company has revealed. 82 more words

Local News

Caffeine + Naptime = AWESOME

The Coffee Nap. This paradoxical beauty combines two of my favorite things: Coffee and taking naps :) not that I often get to do the latter succcefully…until now. 293 more words


Coffee, Morning Group and Blogging

I walked into town, which is only a mile and fairly flat all the way. I take this walk almost every day. The exercise’ll do me good and the coffee’s better than what I can make at home. 679 more words


The Bee

The barista stood behind the counter, arms folded over her impregnated stomach, staring across the floor at a man sitting in the corner by the window. 848 more words


Fitzroy you got me

I sometimes need to pinch myself and remind myself how lucky I am to have a chance to live in such an amazing spot in this vibrant city. 558 more words


EAT: Cold Brew Coffee at M.E. Swing Coffee Co. (Alexandria, Del Ray)

Walk into an open, airy room with huge two story windows, and lots of seating. This is an outpost of the locally famous M.E. Swing coffee roasters, so the space is large with an industrial feeling. 145 more words