[NEW LOCATION] better CHOCOlate than never at Panglima Polim Jakarta

May 30th, 2017. I got email about the new location of better CHOCOlate than never . Wow. It’s almost 4 years since the first time I went to their previous outlet in Senopati. 260 more words

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放工到灣仔omotesando koffee喝一口咖啡

有時候放工跟同事不想happy hour 飲酒那麼嘈吵,想飲杯高品質的咖啡靜靜傾下計?好可惜,大部分灣仔區的cafe 都較早關門。 43 more words


Valentine's Day Card On the Ground

Imagine February 14. You just turned seven on January 5. Your favorite color is blue, you like dogs and today is Valentines day.

Your teacher’s name is Ms. 581 more words


Coffee Break: Le Petit Dep

Unless you live in the area or are a tourist, you probably have never stumbled upon this little gem, nestled among the old buildings in Vieux Montréal. 365 more words


.7 stand by me

Stand by me- The din of the homeless man outside

Strumming his out of tune guitar

singing pop songs of decades past.

Four years I’ve passed him, 41 more words


Kopi Nalar at Petogogan Kebayoran Jakarta

May 29th, 2017. A rainy day. I woke up with a strong desire to sleep again. It’s really cold outside. And my AC just got serviced. 355 more words

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cotive ワークスペース Working Space & Coffee at Gading Serpong Tangerang

May 21st, 2017. I knew cotive ワークスペース Working Space & Coffee since last year, but just had a chance to visit them last week.

cotive stands for coffee & productive, and wākusupēsu means working space. 337 more words

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