Piccino Coffee Bar

I bought my morning chai at Piccino nearly every morning the year I worked in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. I’ve read you need a favorite coffee place (that is NOT Starbucks) in this city, so I guess Piccino is mine and I’m officially a real San Franciscan (yay!). 248 more words


Mokka Coffee Cobana: Shelter for Mall Walkers

Di tengah maraknya coffee shop yang berbondong-bondong unjuk gigi di Jakarta dan kota besar lainnya, jarang kita bisa melihat coffee shop yang menancapkan kakinya di dalam mall-mall. 444 more words


Vegan Pop Tarts... Yummy?

“I am not a Vegan” Richard Nixon’s infamous one-liner denying any involvement with the Watergate scandal in 1973.

I just spent two bucks, plus tax, on a homemade vegan pop tart. 217 more words


Let's go to Target...

and grab a tall coffee at Starbucks.  I have been getting  coffee at Starbucks for years and always have the same.  A tall coffee with room for cream.  286 more words


Strolling into MiiR

After hitting up the Kirkland waterfront, my sister (Shari, 32), niece (Meredith, 6 months), my husband, (Tyler, almost the big 3-0) and our daughter (Adeline, 3 weeks old) headed back across the 520 bridge to Seattle onward to the neighborhood of Fremont.   469 more words


Serenade in Blue

Today I went to the doctor for some routine bloodwork. I walked there, since the neighborhood in Seattle (First Hill) with all the hospitals is only about ten minutes from our apartment. 467 more words

Save As You Go

Have been attempting to write some sketches this week, which has been challenging to say the least. Added to that, they are topical sketches, which adds to the confusion and bewilderment. 400 more words