I Love My Life ~ Keys

I went into town today to see the chiropractor, then I thought I would look for a valentines gift for my sweet heart. I found a… 229 more words


Coffee Shop Tempat Meregang Nyawa

Beberapa waktu belakangan Indonesia kerap dilanda permasalahan-permasalahan yang disebabkan manusianya sendiri. Topik pembicaraan yang sedang ramai saat ini adalah Bom Sarinah dan Pembunuhan Mirna. Jika ditilik lebih jauh, ada persamaan yang terdapat pada kedua masalah ini, ya lokasinya. 224 more words


Coffee Thought.

It’s hard to find belonging, in places and people at the moment. I sort of feel like I’m passing through, almost as if I’m just present in everyone else’s being. 68 more words

Catch Up!

I have been doing some catch up on workshop assignments.

This was fun!  So much so I did it three times. Here are two versions. The third is very similar! 102 more words


Coffee Thought.

I’m trying to be more productive with my thinking. When given a problem I’m trying to  spend more time thinking of a solution then dwelling on it. 79 more words

Big Mike's Coffee // Denton, TX

I didn’t have class today, so I went to Big Mike’s.

This little coffee shop is right across the street from UNT’s Language Building (next to KUSH on Hickory St!). 48 more words

Big Mike's

Stag Coffee

Yesterday I went for a much needed catch up with an old friend and so I wanted to go somewhere with a chilled atmosphere in order to finally get up to date with each other’s lives. 318 more words