coffee shop

I do lots of sketching in coffee shops. It’s warm, the coffee’s good and there are people to sketch. This particular shop is also a flower market plus lost of decorative odds and ends and displays. 21 more words


Pour it up

Coffee shops are my thing. I love little places where my friends and I can just hang out and relax. A new shop opened up last year called Pour, but I’ve only been a couple times. 60 more words


It's not easy getting coffee...

This article on 10 Ways To Be A Less Terrible Coffee Shop Customer caught my attention the other day, for several reasons.  One of the reasons, according to this list, is that I’m apparently a great customer and the coffee shop workers are terrible, and also because I have a lot of experience with coffee houses. 3,403 more words

Listen up Starbucks, Dr. Swami says your tattoos are cool. 

Feature image artist unknown via Tattoo Donkey.

This Starbucks in North Las Vegas was especially forgettable, but for the Barista.  The shop is small, the wifi sucks and the seating reminded me of a public elementary school cafeteria.  719 more words


Station Cofffe Co - Artistic Gem

Earlier today I was in a coffee shop. No, not a coffee shop. This is an artistic heaven. Can you smell the Coffee? Probably not. 148 more words



As I sat in my last class of the semester last night, we each shared some closing thoughts of our experience from the past 16 weeks. 567 more words

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