Coffee: Himalayan Java House

Beautiful latte art alert!

I’ve noticed several photos of coffee from Himalayan Java House featuring beautiful and creative latte art for a while, but never went to find the place until now… 568 more words


Kape at Flirting

Naging bahagi na nga aking sistema ang kape. Hindi maaring lumipas ang isang araw na hindi ako nakakainom nito. Minsan, hindi sumasapat ang isang baso hanggang sa naging adik ako sa pitsel na kape sa kada araw. 258 more words



The coffee tree is a tropical evergreen shrub that grows between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Coffee is considered as one of the most traded commodities in the world. 960 more words


Cafe Martinez- Asunción, Paraguay

Cafe Martinez is the cafe in Asuncion most similar to a third wave coffee shop in the U.S. Cafe Martinez roasts coffee beans from all over the world and gives people the opportunity to choose where their coffee is from. 123 more words


Goddess and The Baker Will Make You Feel Like Aphrodite

It’s taken a minute (or over 2 years), but I found my favorite coffee shop in the city. In Chicago it’s sad that chain coffee shops are more available than the independent retailers. 967 more words

Chicago Foodie

Coffee with Poppa

The blonde haired boy walks tall past each of the singly occupied tables with a sweet confidence that defies his small stature. Finally, he rests his juice box on the seventh table, climbs onto the chair, legs dangling, slides into a seated position, immediately scanning the room with keen blue eyes. 75 more words

Writing Life

Chapter 6: The Best Plan

To this point we’ve focused on the fundamentals of creating a thriving coffee shop business. And using this guide you have figured out the type of café you wish to open. 553 more words