Café 44, Sincil Street, Lincoln

After an early start at uni this morning, I decided to wake myself up with a much needed caffeine boost. So, I spent a relaxing half an hour this morning in a lovely little place called… 538 more words


Coffee Nature

4224 Fessenden St. NW
Washington, DC 20016

Little local coffee shops are an increasingly dying breed, especially in a vibrant and younger town like Washington DC. 348 more words

3 Stars

Red Is... Hell If I Know

I don’t understand you, red. I really don’t. You’re on biscuit wrappers, photographs, carpets, phones, signs… everywhere. But still, I don’t get you. In fact, I think the more I see of you, the less I understand you, or what the hell you are trying to do. 145 more words


Best Shonan Coffee Stands (コーヒースタンド)

Take-and-go or stay for a while. Coffee stands are extremely popular in busy Tokyo where the pace of life is so fast. However, Shonan is quite newly adopting this idea of coffee shops as beach side folks are much more laid-back. 753 more words


Coffee Connoisseur: Arabica Coffee

Our last connoisseur stop of the day was at Arabica Coffee.

Already having drunk two cups of coffee in only two hours (probably about an hour and a half, to be honest), we could only handle one more stop. 332 more words


Coffee Connoisseur: Coffee By Design (CBD)

Today, my dad and I decided to be coffee connoisseurs, and travel around the Old Port (in Portland, Maine) reviewing coffee shops. He was reluctant at first. 520 more words


Marylou's Coffee Shop ♡

I went to the cutest Coffee shop in Quincy, Massachusetts over the weekend.

The whole store was pink!!

Look how freaking cute it is!!!

They had so many selections of coffee and sweets which made it so difficult for me to decide what I wanted… 59 more words