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I am a first class geek when it comes to researching about film, fashion, art, and culture–and I’m proud. Documentaries, coffee table books, biographies, autobiographies, classic films, biographical films, and the words of Robert Osborne have filled my life immeasurably for as long as I can remember. 235 more words

Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books

One of my very favorite things to buy, read, and collect are coffee table books. The gorgeous format tomes are ideal to showcase photography, illustration and layouts. 392 more words


Art Deco: Coffee Table Books

I love coffee table books! Looove them. They instantly enhance the look of your living room, from plain looking to sophisticated and chic. They make great entertainment for your guests if you are hosting a party, or yourself on a Sunday afternoon. 440 more words


things jane likes, no. 8

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It is always hard to get back to it after a long holiday weekend but hopefully we have a few things to brighten your Monday. 278 more words


Workspace Inspiration: Coffee Table Books

With Easter holidays here, it will be nice to spend some time catching up on your reading list. We put together some of the nicest coffee table books to add to your collection, and fill your office with some great sources of inspiration. 31 more words


beauty edit: highlighters

lighten up your cheekbones with my favorite illuminators – the multiple and the illuminator. lighten up your day with my favorite coffee table books – … 94 more words


Capturing Daily Life

It may be common knowledge that everyday life has its own beauty. But capturing that beauty through photographs is another matter. It takes a keen eye to recognize everyday beauty and, it seems, expertise as a photographer to transfer that beauty to photo paper. 213 more words