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Hopper & Burr - Santa Ana, CA

It took me long enough, but I finally visited Hopper & Burr today.

The space is absolutely lovely and the barista had such great energy and was pretty hilarious. 292 more words


365 Days in My Kitchen: 180


We got all fancy and used the fancy little china cups for apres lunch coffee today.

365 Days In My Kitchen

Starbucks' Secret Menu

With midterms coming up, we all need a little pick-me-up to pull though those long study hours. If you’re feeling adventurous, here are some popular secret menu recipes to spice up that regular cup of SBux! 350 more words

Life Hacks

Pregnancy No Nos 

Everyday I seem to learn of something new pregnant women are suppose to avoid. I am a stickler with the obvious ones like alcohol and smoking, but how bad is my turkey sandwich and daily cup of joe? 219 more words

Beany Green Coffee, Broadgate Circle EC2M 2QS

Where? Beany Green (Broadgate Cirle, London EC2M 2QS)

When? 20th April 2015

Which coffee ? Espresso (double)

What I thought of it? Way too bitter, the bitterness masked any of the other flavours. 198 more words



 Hi guys ♥ #Throwback

This is from a while ago
My friend got an invitation to see this concert from HTC
So she took me with her! 97 more words

Finding flat white and falling for Mr. Toby

While I was at work in Dubai late last year, I had breakfast with my team at Dome Cafe. My breakfast mandatory, of course,was coffee. I ordered the usual cappuccino but the boss went, “Have you tried the flat white?” The boss was a half American, very cultured, very sophisticated man. 330 more words