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Ad Concept 1

Made for: Coffee lovers and drinkers


Fighting the harsh winter cold, you sip a cup of coffee that transports you to a warmer climate and a memory left in your mind, the coffee is the catalyst for opening up something warm and making it hot during the snowy weather. 59 more words


Fuel Grand Opening

This is my Fuel Grand Opening poster! I don’t think it’s the best poster ever, but I think I did pretty good. I mean, some parts look okay, like the text. 63 more words


Nectar of the Gods: Coffee, the World’s Most Popular Beverage

“I’m nothing without my first cup of coffee!” For most of the world, this statement is not only true, but deeply seated in our collective mindset. 594 more words


Looking for Direct Trade?

I’ve gotten a few inquiries on my travels about how farmers can either get paid more for their coffee, or establish relationships with U.S. buyers. I know a couple of roasters and one ex-U.S. 172 more words

~Instant Human Just Add Coffee and God~

5:00 am comes quickly! Through sleepy eyes and a wobbly walk I make my way to the coffee pot. UH OH, I didn’t preset that hot Java pot last night and there is no smell of liquid gold to drink in….. 369 more words