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Carrot Cake Commandments

I am obsessed with carrot cake.Of course, I’m obsessed with many foods, and carrot cake is only one of many. There are certain foods which, no matter where I am, no matter what else is on the menu, or even what I feel like eating, which I am compelled to order. 363 more words


International Coffee Day: Celebrating Coffilosophy

Sorry if you were expecting part 2 of Girls, Girls, Girls: California Dreaming yesterday, but you should know by now, that tomorrow never comes. But part 2 will surface sometime; it’s just that things don’t run to time in the gYg POP world, as it didn’t in the Alician Wonderland. 663 more words

Greenygrey Culture

Best of Kyoto: Coffee Part 3

Cafe Bibliotic Hello

Following on from our trip to Sentido, we arrived the next day at Cafe Bibliotic Hello, after the increasingly familiar walk around the block trying to find the cafe that’s hidden in plain sight. 988 more words

Insightful Words

Hello fellow on the go Joe followers,

I wanted to say a couple things about my coffee routine. Its been quite a few years since Ive become a coffee addict. 302 more words