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Leatherface and Lucid dreaming

I had a dream I was talking to a witty man whose face looked as if it comprised of leather. It was more as if patches of the skin of his face had been browned like a steak in some kind of a barbecue situation. 294 more words




書中首篇講李一氓書中談「長征1」路上吃些什麼的文字,頗能勾起人的好奇心,尤其路上「造」咖啡的片段,對我這般 two cups a day 的癮者,真是別有一番滋味。


  1. 國民黨政府稱為西竄,中共則稱為兩萬五千里長征


No.137 Ten Wishes....

The exact quote is : “Be a coffee maker…Be a coffee..maker…”  This quote was gleaned from the movie called ” My Fake Fiance ” Released in 2009. 479 more words

Dressy But Casual

Hello beautiful humans,

I’m so happy to be back, I missed sharing with you (whoever is reading, if someone is lol) what I wear for this season. 201 more words


Climate Change Could Be Affecting Coffee Growth

Photo: Picking coffee “cherries” Credit: Getty

Climate change could be one of the leading problems when it comes to coffee growth and production. Coffee is a plant that has very specific temperature requirements to flourish and is highly sensitive to a wide range of bugs and other pests. 156 more words

Climate Change