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CCC | Corridor Cafe

Along with my personal favorites, which include Cap’n Crunch (with Crunch Berries), Fruit Loops, and Cocoa Pebbles,Cinnamon Toast Crunch holds a special place in my heart as one of the cereals I most indulged in as a kid, and even now as an adult. 408 more words


Maman Les P'tits Bateaux- Rue Dellile, Nice

What is NOT to like in this fantastic ‘Where have you been all Charly’s life’ Cafe?!

Nice, take a bow. At last we can welcome you into the 21st Century and out of the Child-unfriendly darkness. 409 more words

Via Latina Épicerie- Nice

For those of you who have been following the activities on my Blog through Facebook you will have seen this one coming. How could I possibly resist the invite to review a friend’s restaurant that actually reacted to my Blogs by purchasing a baby changing mat and not just one but… 439 more words

Crema - Kochere

  • Region:  Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Farm:  Kochere
  • Varietal:  Heirloom
  • Altitude:  1,900 – 2,000 meters
  • Producer:  Many small landholders
  • Process:  Fully washed and sun dried
  • Roast Date:  April 18th, 2016…
  • 333 more words

Coffee Review: Grumpy Mule Peru Femenino

Back to the coffee reviews then. I’d seen this label’s name in several places and there seems to be some furious debate about whether this label or Taylor’s of Harrogate is the “better” brand. 441 more words

Hot Beverages

NautiPolis Swimming Complex, Valbonne

We were quite simply as happy as Ducks in water with this wonderful family hang out.

#NautiPolis (pronouced ‘Naughty Police’ which really appeals to my sense of humour) is Just off the A8 at #Valbonne -before Cannes but after Biot at the Sophia Antipolis exit- sits a very impressive complex with a Wellness centre, #Sports studio and #Swimming area. 352 more words

The Holiday Inn- Blvd Victor Hugo, Nice

This is our second visit here. We happened upon this hotel one day on the way to our beloved VOLUPTÉ only to discover it was closed (Sunday morning, should have known better really ) so we did a U-Turn and were giving up and heading home when Charly decided waiting another 15 minutes really wasn’t an option. 334 more words