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Just typical!

Coffees – 42 Croissant  – 8

OMG the heavens have opened. It was so overdue, like this weekend was ridiculously hot; the type of weekend where you just have to be at one with perpetual sweat and burn and lethargy and general eugh. 495 more words

She's coming

Coffees – 41 Croissants – 8

Firstly, I was just checking the stats of my blog and how cool is this:

The countries in yellow are places where people have read my blog. 301 more words

An apology

Coffees – 39 Croissants – 8

First and foremost, I’d like to apologise for the severe lack of croissant consumption. Only, the thing is, when faced with a whole array of gorgeous French… 615 more words

Moving on up

Coffees – 35 Croissants – 8

Firstly, lets all just take this moment to congratulate Brother Borland on his fabbo GCSE results. 5 A*s, 3 As, 2Bs. 494 more words

GötterSpeise Chocolaterie Café @Jahnstraße 30 - München/ Munich

Chocolate, accessories, great coffee and a wonderful shop – this is GötterSpeise, located in the Glockebachviertel in Munich. The shop with a café attached is a sweet spot in downtown Munich, nevertheless it is located in a warm neighborhood close to Frauenhoferstraße where you do not have the impression to sit in a big city! 86 more words