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Coffee Review: Grumpy Mule Peru Femenino

Back to the coffee reviews then. I’d seen this label’s name in several places and there seems to be some furious debate about whether this label or Taylor’s of Harrogate is the “better” brand. 441 more words

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NautiPolis Swimming Complex, Valbonne

We were quite simply as happy as Ducks in water with this wonderful family hang out.

#NautiPolis (pronouced ‘Naughty Police’ which really appeals to my sense of humour) is Just off the A8 at #Valbonne -before Cannes but after Biot at the Sophia Antipolis exit- sits a very impressive complex with a Wellness centre, #Sports studio and #Swimming area. 352 more words

The Holiday Inn- Blvd Victor Hugo, Nice

This is our second visit here. We happened upon this hotel one day on the way to our beloved VOLUPTÉ only to discover it was closed (Sunday morning, should have known better really ) so we did a U-Turn and were giving up and heading home when Charly decided waiting another 15 minutes really wasn’t an option. 334 more words

UPDATE: Hotel Monsigny- Liberation, Nice

This Blog is all about celebrating change and improvement and giving Three Cheers to the Monsigny and whoever worked hard on the inside to provide the much yearned for #babychanging table. 500 more words

The Good Mood Cafe- Villefranche

Charly and I discovered this wonderful little cafe back in September when it was still warm enough for beach strolls and ice- cream. We made the grave mistake of traveling by train ( back in the day when I didn’t know better – being a new mum and all..) and we found that, not only was it a complete stress trying to get ON the platform at Nice ( there are LITERALLY no means of access for #pushchairs or #wheelchairs that I have found) but it was equally as appalling when we reached Villefranche to discover the train doors opened up revealing a platform 1 clear foot beneath the train!! 349 more words

Le Cosmos- Villefranche 

What a happy and successful day we had today. The #Sun shone, the #sea glistened and Charly giggled. My favorite sound in all the world. 277 more words

The Polygone Riviera- Cagnes-Sur-Mer

For those of you living in the Cote d’azure you will have probably already heard the Buzz about this marvellous new shopping village. It has popped up in Cagnes Sur Mer and stretches out over two levels and is completely outdoors (not a hint of ‘Mall-indooriness’ in sight) so the escalator connecting the mezzanine level just feels surreal as the wind whistles through your hair. 502 more words