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A Cupping Session in Vienna @ Furth Kaffee

This is like Part 2 of my previous post in which I visited Sussmund with an informal coffee society called the Specialty Coffee Society. After that event, I proposed that for our next session we try a cupping session. 364 more words

Coffee Roasters

Green Tea Creme Frappuccino

I was walking around SM North when I suddenly craved for a matcha-flavored drink. Luckily, I happened to pass by Starbucks at that time and they had a green tea frappuccino on their menu. 42 more words


Chocolate Shake

Today is my birthday! So my friends and I decided to celebrate at one of the cutest cafe that there is – Cafe Lafereinne. Apparently, I wasn’t in the mood to drink coffee at that time so I chose to buy this chocolate shake instead. 30 more words


Cafe Latte

NAT 2017 is tomorrow! So I went to Amo Yamie Katipunan today to study. I ordered cafe latte and it came along with a pack of brown sugar. 75 more words


Mocha Cappucino

Today, I drank Mocha Cappucino at Amo Yamie Anonas. The mocha flavor was made from the chocolate syrup in stirred with the espresso to create a caffeinated hot chocolate with foam. 32 more words