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OneCoffee's Breakfast Blend

This is one of the blends I picked up while shopping at Sobeys. I had never seen this brand before the other day– The box is as seen below and is on the left of the image. 143 more words

Mini coffee haul.

Went to shop at a few different stores today and found these boxes at the Sobey’s

OneCoffee multipack, which is an organic coffee, has four different kinds in it, has 12 cups for $10, Sensations’s BreakfastBend which was $6. 30 more words

Millstone's Foglifter

I have been drinking this sample pack for the past few days, it came in my haul.

This coffee i thought would be a lot stronger based on the name foglifter, somdhow that makes me think strong, it does have a bitter bite but it isn’t incredibly strong. 30 more words

Things are about to change

Another not drink blog today, sorry.

Ive decided to start changing my eating habits to be healthier. Coffee will be one of the things that does not change however so never fear. 38 more words

Donut House's Cinnamon Roll

Wasn’t sure what to drink today so I pulled this out.

I have been avoiding the donut house stuff since the chocolate glazed donut blend turned out so terrible, but I figured it was about time to get started on using them up. 182 more words

Not a drink today-

Drank a butt ton of McDonald’s coffee today. They’re having a promotion until March 1st for free small coffees. So that’s what I’ve been drinking and because of that, I didn’t want a coffee when I got home, and I had one when I got up but I was thrown off by it so I have to try it again another day when I’ prepared, ha. 47 more words

Brooklyn Bean Roastery ' s Maple Sleigh

Not sure if I mentioned or if it just shows on my page but I am actually from Canada.

People always stereotype Canadians to be maple syrup crazy. 87 more words