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レンタル価格:¥ 12,300/ 3泊(税抜)

SIZE: W1775 D460 H350

素材: ウォールナット

Palm Springs Rental パームスプリングスレンタル
東京都渋谷区代々木4-28-8 代々木村田ビル103
TEL, FAX: 03-5309-2032



電話番号 6 more words


Paperclip Fairy

Day 148 – Paperclip Fairy

I arranged some gold and silver coloured paperclips to create today’s fairy. I arranged them on a well-loved coffee table.

Glitter Peach 365

What's new with Bamboo? My top picks.

Bamboo, cane, rattan whatever you to call it, it continues to look good in the home bringing a light airy feel. I remember bamboo furniture from the 1970’s before it was shunted off to the conservatory.   460 more words

Interior Design

The evolution of our coffee table ..

Our coffee table has been with us since the beginning, Duncan lovingly put it together and painted it (with that posh grey paint that you see people use on Pinterest posts) when we moved into our first proper home, it really fulfilled our table needs .. 308 more words

Broken Beauty

“The broken are the more evolved. REJOICE!”

Split movie

A homemade table where scrap tile and broken plate chips were assembled to make this beautiful medley. 12 more words


pallet coffee table.

The tiles for the kitchen floor were delivered on a wooden pallet and after I unloaded the tiles into my office, I left that pallet in the front yard for weeks.   368 more words