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​素敵klaws ☜(˚▽˚)☞ Lovelyklaws

♡Lovelyklaws produces nothing short of sheer beauty when it comes to the nail products put out for purchases.


❥Nail boutique based out in California. 139 more words


"Sheila's Song - Cough, Cough"

I noticed when she

started to smoke – just small puffs.

Now, greedy she goes!

J Richards

The meshuga unfold

Vapors rising up against these damp sticky threads like some falling branches splitting into two. three. and four all into one..merging the smolder – the opaque angst.. 123 more words

The choir of Culicidae.

These frail mane still smells of coffin nails. Hands : Struggling ..stretching. scratching… Orb : Wide and wrathful : Fluctuating the pupils left and right | Mad mad | Concentrating on those screams..screams into le noir lughole . 41 more words

"Slow Suicide - Never Thunk It"

Nearly everyone says

not considered suicide

between ‘Coffin Nails.’

J Richards

Had a Rollicking Time at XCON World in Myrtle Beach, SC!

***Best part of being there:  Meeting a lot of cool people!

***Worst part of being there:  Typing with my stiletto nails! :) 97 more words

Once New Again

I have finally returned to my true self. I kept my coffin shape. I really enjoy the coffin shape, and feel like they are easier to maintain than stiletto nails. 47 more words