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21 Coffin Nails To Inspire You

I am completely obsessed with coffin nails. Here are some of the best styles I have found from different sources that you can use as inspiration to make your nails look glamorous and gorgeous. 196 more words


Nails before and after!💅🏼

I had my nails done for my 21st birthday and this was the design and this was them grown out

and this is my new nails I am absolutely in love with them!😍 23 more words


Nails: February & March...

The only post I am normally consistent with is a new nails post, but my appointments have been at sort of strange times of the month, so here is my February and March nails! 213 more words


Nails: December / January...


With Christmas and New Year falling toward the end of the month I opted to get my nails done a little earlier than usual in December. 116 more words


Nails: December...


It’s that time of the month again; nail time! I actually got these done about a week and a half ago now, but I just realised I hadn’t posted them. 161 more words


The Voodoo Kit ~ available at The Witch's Corner

This box includes:

1.  a wee voodoo dollie

2.  candles

3.  sea salt

4.  cemetery dirt

5.  straight pins

6.  coffin nails

7.  a small bottle of uncrossing oil… 17 more words


"If I Were A Plant, I'd Sue!"

Two try to make “Square*”

a Smokers’ Aquarium”

sans plexi-glass cube.

  • (Magnolia Square in downtown Sanford, Florida, a cloosed-off portion of Magnolia Avenue fronting First Street, turned into a brick-paved fountain-centered, planter-ringed gathering place for music, art, food and gatherings. 
  • 258 more words
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