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An Gorta Mór - The Great famine (Part 1)

This is the first of two documentaries that look into the tragedy that was the Great Famine of Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century.

Although the island was rich with food, 1 million died as a result of a lack of nutrition, most from disease brought on by weakened health. 319 more words


Shock over Scenes of the Great Hunger in Victoria

I will be finishing up #StainedGlass in the next 6 months. My research for it taught me so many horrific events during the Great Hunger of 1845-1849. 524 more words

Irish Famine

#OTD in 1845 – The arrival of the potato blight in Ireland is reported in the Dublin Evening Post.

To this day, all over Ireland the landscape bears mute testimony to the events that occurred in the horrific period from 1845–1850. Starvation graveyards offer silent tribute to the millions of Irish men,women,and children buried in unmarked mass graves. 685 more words

Irish History