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Death and The Afterlife

Have you ever thought what would happen after you died ? 
I Certainly have. I have discussed this topic on my previous YouTube channel and there are so many theories and beliefs that others have upon their final minutes here on earth and I’m going to write about my OPINION on this topic and my view on what happens after death or at-least what I would want to happen after I have passed away. 716 more words

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She Lost Her Battle With Cancer Before Graduation, Here's What Her Classmates Did With Her Coffin!

The story of an 18-year-old girl who has lost in her battle with cancer has been touching the hearts of many because of what happened to her funeral! 25 more words

The casket industry traces its roots back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, where wood, cloth and paper were used to make sarcophagus-style burial boxes. Coffins, or funeral caskets, are containers in which the dead are buried.

416 more words


Today my draw was Stork+ Coffin+Fish.
What happen was I able to move past the dead ends I was facing all week in regards to filing taxes for my significant other.


Star Crossed

Destiny must have scripted their meet
They were blown out of their feet
First time when they gazed at each other
They knew they are meant to be together… 200 more words


Earl and Nelle inside Stake Drug

It was almost too much to hope that a photo like this one would show up. It’s the interior of my Uncle Earl and Aunt Nellie’s drug store in Adams, Nebraska, name of Stake Drug Company, and thus a complement to… 687 more words


Finding a Coffin Mate

Wicked morbid title, right? So, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while on the other 364 days of the year you are loving your blissful single life, the heavy handed idea of pairing off can get to anyone. 635 more words