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A rural community is stunned and baffled after a dead woman gave birth inside a coffin.

The bizarre “coffin birth” has left some people crying witchcraft after a deceased 33-year-old mother of five‚ Nomveliso Nomasonto Mdoyi‚ of Mthayisi village near Mbizana in the Eastern Cape gave birth. 263 more words


Sailing the Belize Reefs

While in Antigua Guatemala I saw a home made poster with tear off e-mail, Sail along the Belize reefs for 7 days, only $600 from Rio Dulce. 972 more words


Alive! In a Coffin.

Today, I made the conscious decision to buy a coffin, a tombstone, and a grave site for myself. I did not go into a mortuary to window shop nor did a financial transaction occur online, but I made the decision when the weight of the world was just enough to keep me in my bed all day. 381 more words

readings: stunning pick for hypothetical relationship reading

Every now and again I play around drawing and lining up random cards – not because I have a question and want to do a reading but because I find it fascinating how the individual cards can look so different depending on which cards are next to them, how some compilations immediately draw me in, visually, while others just make me yawn, and how some cards’ compilations will instantly shout out an interpretation to me even though there wasn’t even a question. 603 more words


Within Male-Female Relations, There is Too Much Violence Against Men, and Not Enough Violence Against Women

The entertainment industry has normalized and popularized violence by women against men. The “you must never hit a girl” line, just like the “ladies first” line, are memes that the normies have almost surgically attached to themselves. 531 more words


The One Who Hinders Your Growth

The employees of a certain company came to work one morning and saw a big notice on the door on which was written:
Yesterday the person who has been hindering your growth in this company passed away. 402 more words


Q&A: "what's the difference between the lenormand coffin and the tarot death card?"

A while ago a friend asked me whether there was a difference between the Lenormand Coffin and the Tarot Death card, and if yes, what the difference was. 376 more words

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