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Is it possible that the world came into existence five minutes ago? How do we know that it didn't?

Over the summer I entered an essay competition attempting to address the above question. Below is my response, which I have left in the form it was submitted in, rather than an edited adaptation of it, as, if nothing else, I hope it will act as a good point of comparison for future essays. 2,100 more words


Dubito ergo sum

Dubito ergo sum
Michael Gollin
November 2017

I doubt, therefore I am.


Cogito, Ergo Sum!

“Cogito, Ergo Sum!” So exclaimed Rene Descartes on realizing after doubting everything, that the only thing he could not doubt was that he doubted. Huh? 165 more words

#Cogito Ergo Sum

China, China (3): The oldest think tanks

During my short-term study in Chengdu, Sichuan, I was exposed (again) to the concept of “think tanks”. 255 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

Wednesday Wisdom | 270917

Rene Descartes three ways! Latin, “cogito ergo sum”, French “Je pense, donc je suis”, and English “I think therefore I am”.

It’s rather handy having a philosopher next to you. 174 more words