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Meditate your way to a younger, smarter brain

Meditate your way to a younger smarter brain

Several features in the media this week have giving some clear indications about the science behind keeping our brains in the best possible shape. 424 more words

Cognitive Decline

How to protect your brain from dementia

How to protect your brain from dementia

This is not a simple question and there isn’t just one answer. Dementia is a term used to describe symptoms from a number of… 548 more words

Cognitive Decline

What Happened to our Society?

As a Baby Boomer, (born in 1960) I grew up respecting my elders. Elders were basically anyone of the adult age. This meant Teachers, Bus Drivers, Law Enforcement Officers, Mail Carriers, Firefighters, anyone and everyone who was an adult. 840 more words


Meditation for seniors; boost your own brain

Meditation for seniors; boost your own brain

Brain Renewal Meditation (BRM) is a simple system developed by meditation expert and trained neuroscientist Stephen Gene Morris… 323 more words

Cognitive Decline

I Have Today

When cognitive decline shrinks your world to the size of a snow globe, finding wisdom is like trying to reach through glass. Memory adds to your quality of life in a million ways. 513 more words

Chronic Illness

Smash dementia; why and how

Dementia is much more than an illness

The slogan smash dementia is both dramatic and provocative but it contains three important messages that cannot be ignored. 567 more words


The Brain's Immune Cells are to Blame for Obesity-associated Cognitive Decline

Obesity leads to cognitive impairment by activating microglial cells, which consume otherwise functional synapses in the hippocampus, according to a study of male mice published in JNeurosci. 207 more words