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Montreal Cognitive Test (MOCA)

Brief one page assessment of cognition widely used in health care industry. Designed to detect mild cognitive impairments. Looks at multiple areas including: attention, short term memory recall, visual spacial ability, executive function, language, and orientation… 73 more words

Losing a Spouse Late in Life Linked to Cognitive Decline

Carolyn Crist wrote . . . . . . . .

Older adults who lose a spouse may be more vulnerable to cognitive decline in subsequent years and require extra support and monitoring, researchers say. 557 more words

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Home Environmental Skill-Building Program (ESP)

Intervention for clients with dementia. The intervention actually teaches the caregivers how to change the environments through simplification, modifying assistance of ADLs and Involving others in the care giving. 76 more words

Diet, exercise and brain training counter cognitive decline

This is wonderful news. I love everything about it. My blog is based on exactly these principles. Eat intelligently and get your exercise and your brain will benefit in your declining years. 452 more words



This publication written by Dong-Mei Zhang et al 1 describes the investigation of serum homocysteine and its role in cognitive impairment.

The authors investigate hyperhomocysteinemia (increased levels of serum homocysteine) and its association with an increased risk of cognitive impairment. 436 more words

Cognitive Decline

Caregiver's Log, Friday April 6, 2018

By Samra Jones Bufkins

One of the few hobbies I have left is gardening.  I love the challenge of growing tropical plants in containers.

The plant above is a… 287 more words