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Tau pathology, rather than amyloid accumulation, drives cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease

From Mayo Clinic News Network:

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Mayo Clinic Study of Thousands of Brains Reveals Tau as Driver of Alzheimer’s Disease…

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Who Should—And Who Shouldn't—Take Vitamin D

Does your diet need a little extra D? For researchers, it’s one of nutrition’s most vexing questions. “It’s the wild, wild west,” says Dr. JoAnn Manson, chief of preventive medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. 764 more words

Thought we were

Why is it that when sleep taunts me, exhausted, and cold- perhaps from wading through the cold waters that are my only chance left to clear thinking and following logic engage in a tug of war over the pieces of yesterday still being something between mere memory and  quite nearly  the spare bits of a puzzle found at the bottom of  a puzzle? 467 more words

Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Brain-training

A comprehensive programme providing older people at risk of dementia with healthy eating guidance, exercise, brain training, and management of metabolic and vascular risk factors appears to slow down cognitive decline, according to the first ever randomised controlled trial of its kind, published in The Lancet. 413 more words


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According to Professor Kivipelto, “Much previous research has shown that there are links between cognitive decline in older people and factors such as diet, heart health, and fitness. However, our study is the first large randomised controlled trial to show that an intensive programme aimed at addressing these risk factors might be able to prevent cognitive decline in elderly people who are at risk of dementia.” This is wonderful news. I love everything about it. My blog is based on exactly these principles. Eat intelligently and get your exercise and your brain will benefit in your declining years. Well done! Tony

Neurogenesis and Exercise

Until about a decade ago it was believed (and taught in medical schools) that growing new neurons in adults just didn’t happen. You were stuck with what you had. 455 more words

MCI, Alzheimer's & Dementia

Brain Injured from Birth?

Never “normal” —
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why you can’t do what others CAN

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Sort of, but not really…

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Lewy body dementia strikes hockey giant Stan Mikita

On Friday, Jan. 30, a family spokesman released a statement announcing that the legendary Blackhawks hockey player Stan Mikita, “is facing some serious health issues.” The statement added: “Stan has been diagnosed with suspected Lewy body dementia, a progressive disease, and is currently under the care of compassionate and understanding care givers.” 1,027 more words