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Researchers have identified the types of intelligence that make aging workers valuable

One need look no further than Silicon Valley for evidence that older workers are judged as less sharp—and less productive—than their younger peers, despite mounds of  478 more words

Alzheimer Therapy: the ping pong benefits

Delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by five years could save 30,000 lives a year. It therefore becomes necessary to develop innovative methods of prevention and to look for new methods of treatment, in addition to the drug. 232 more words


Dementia update 2016

The government has announced a pilot programme to screen 40-year olds for dementia. The government wants to make Britain “the best place in the world to live with dementia… 744 more words


High Blood Pressure May Impair Cognitive Function and Pose Risk for Alzheimer’s

My family history of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia popped this news item up onto my radar screen.

Before considering problems with high blood pressure, let’s understand what it is. 534 more words


Stave Off Cognitive Decline With Seafood - Rush

I have written repeatedly about the benefits to the brain of cardiovascular exercise. You can fill yourself in on details from my Page – Important facts about your brain (and exercise benefits). 632 more words