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Fight Old Age When You Are Young

You might not qualify for any senior citizen discounts yet. But ageing starts sooner than you might expect.

Age-related hearing starts going downhill at 25, though it isn’t noticeable until decades later. 1,085 more words

Human Interest

In Search of Lost Time: The Clock Test in Patients With Cognitive Decline

Simple Test for Cognitive Concerns

Perhaps no neurologic disorder is feared more than Alzheimer dementia. At least a few times a week, a concerned elderly man or woman comes to my office wondering whether their forgetfulness or loss of attention heralds descent into cognitive oblivion. 586 more words


Neuroplasticity - A brain with(out) boundaries

The human brain is able to modify itself.

For years, it has been believed that the brain was unalterable. Or, rather, that after a critical developmental period in childhood, the adult brain was a static and unchangeable organ. 2,023 more words


These Kinds of Jobs Help Protect You from Alzheimer’s Disease - a view from the US

It’s well known by now that sitting at a desk all day is dangerous to your health. Now it turns out that what you’re doing while you’re parked there matters, too. 30 more words


Quality of life

We all hope to get old healthy and happy. Regrettably, this is not granted to everyone. When someone you care about has been diagnosed with dementia you don’t have to stand by powerless. 1,386 more words


Brain Training Computer Games Strengthen Neural Connections And Delay Onset Of Cognitive Decline, Dementia

Most of us strive to sharpen our mental agility by doing Sudoku, exercising, and getting a good night’s rest. In addition, popular computer-based cognitive programs and… 653 more words


Type 2 diabetes linked to cognitive decline in older adults

Type 2 diabetes can accelerate both a loss in cognitive function and impairment of cerebral vasoregulation in older adults, according to research in Neurology. 483 more words