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The Reluctant Caregiver: When the Brain is Living in Another Time

Recently, when Mom asked me the date — as she often does — she said, “Cathy’s birthday is tomorrow.”

Cathy was Mom’s first cousin who was raised by Mom’s parents from the age of four.   417 more words

Three-day week perfect for over 40s

It helps them keep sharp. Well long weekends are something I’ve espoused for years so it’s nice to see some scientific evidence.

Economic researchers in Japan (where there is a culture of long hours and… 340 more words


A Day in the Life of...

We’ve all heard the urban legends of men refusing to stop and ask directions, preferring instead to drive around all day in hopes of happening upon their destination. 921 more words


Do vampires know something we don't?

Injecting/transfusing yourself with the blood of virgins (Kim Jong II and Pope Innocent VIII – well maybe not so innocent as blood donors all died), … 239 more words


Teeth Loss Increases Risk of Reduced Cognitive Function - Study

Regular readers know that cognitive impairment has my total attention as three of my family members suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and/or plain dementia. While I have written a number of posts covering various aspects of cognition and cognitive impairment I confess surprise upon learning of a correlation between losing teeth and diminishing mental facilities. 446 more words


Can a Healthy Diet Prevent Dementia? What the Science Says

By Catherine Escher and Rowena Gomez, PhD (Palo Alto University)

We all know that eating healthy is good for our bodies as we age, but did you know that eating certain foods may reduce your risk of dementia? 672 more words

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Cognitive Decline and Financial Decisions

Written by Mitch Conlon of Conlon Dart   March 29, 2016

Cognitive Decline and Financial Decisions—A Dangerous Combination

Earlier this year, I wrote about the tricky matter of… 351 more words

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