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Getting back the calm - regardless

Before my TBI in 2004, my weekends were a combination of busy-ness and calm. It seemed like I had unlimited energy, and I could pack a lot into each weekend, including studying things that fascinated me… 1,888 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Dementia research should focus on primary prevention

In the last couple of decades, several epidemiological studies have indicated that an increasing number of people are expected to develop dementia in Western countries. However, … 99 more words

Are omega-3 food supplements useless in old age?

There goes my last hope for a food supplement that actually works in old age. The omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid is essential for the growth and functional development of the brain in infants and is present in mother’s milk.  894 more words

Spurious Health Claims

Study: Exercise Doesn't Help Maintain Brain Function As You Age

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)– There’s no doubt that physical exercise can lead to many benefits, unfortunately helping maintain brain function doesn’t seem to be one of them, according to new research. 308 more words


Omega-3 Supplements Don't Improve Memory: Study

The data has been building, slowly but surely, and now the strongest study yet may finally dispel the myth that taking omega-3 supplements can protect the brain from cognitive decline and dementia. 656 more words

MY Life, MY Brain and how to spend 20 minutes of my precious time

I just spent several hours reading the most recent book by neurologist Oliver Sacks, and writing about it. (See preceding blog post.) Then I settled down to decide whether I should resume use of the website “Lumosity”, which claims to train my brain. 598 more words

Excited to present at Brighton Jones in Seattle next week!

Does your investment advisor care deeply for seniors and their family caregivers?  Brighton Jones does!  I’m excited to speak on Cognitive Health, Caregiving and Client Relationships at their Seattle office next week.   34 more words

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