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With Age Comes Hearing Loss and a Greater Risk of Cognitive Decline

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Hearing impairment is a common consequence of advancing age. Almost three-quarters of U.S. adults age 70 and older suffer from some degree of hearing loss. 441 more words

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Exploring the Connection between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Hearing loss affects tens of millions of Americans and its global prevalence is expected to grow as the world’s population ages. A new study led by investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital adds to a growing body of evidence that hearing loss is associated with higher risk of cognitive decline. 433 more words

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Alzheimer's blood test detects brain damage years before symptoms - Study

A blood test for a protein could identify people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease a decade or more before symptoms, such as a decline in memory and thinking, emerge, as reported in… 955 more words


Emergency and Urgent Hospitalizations Linked to Accelerated Cognitive Decline in Seniors

My interest in cognition and cognitive decline, particularly in seniors brought me to this amazing study. I think it may give further import to the idea of maintaining a physically  active life into our senior years, 631 more words


How D.B. Woodside & Buffy are Related to My MS

D.B. Woodside played the principal on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my favorite TV series (Doctor Who being second). Not only do I own all the seasons of Buffy and Angel, but my BFF and I used to have marathons with pizza when we still lived in the same state. 310 more words


What Is Donald Trump Actually Saying?

What are Donald Trump’s garbled, rambling, grammar-school level speeches actually saying? Linguistics experts attempt to explain.

by Nickolaus Hines All That Is Interesting

There is something about the way Donald Trump speaks that makes many people want to listen. 3,019 more words

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