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Smart drugs I The Feed Forum feat. Daniel Kilov

Should we take a drug that improves our memory, makes us more alert, or actually smarter? Australian researchers are trying to find out just how many students and workers are using prescription ADHD pills, sleep drugs and beta blockers for purposes other than prescribed. 59 more words


End Summer Brain Drain!

It’s summertime again! Every school year, children look forward the summer holidays because they want to put away their school books, get involved in lots of exciting holiday activities and visit their favorite summer destinations. 280 more words


How the Public Engages With Brain Optimization: The Media-mind Relationship

This is an article that I found through academia.edu in July, which is a really great resource even if you aren’t actively making/posting work on it (the original article is from  219 more words


Cognitive Enhancement for the Healthy

by Carolyn Chapman  •

Healthy high school and college students, as well as working adults, are turning to drugs for cognitive enhancement in increasing numbers. According to a recent national survey, over 6% of college students aged 18-22 reported using Adderall non-medically.1 In another survey of U.S. 1,358 more words


Should we be trying to make ourselves smarter though cognitive enhancement?

In recent years, there has been controversy about the use of medications like Ritalin and amphetamines by people without a medical diagnosis to warrant their use in order to boost performance in school and on tests. 2,044 more words


What is a fair distribution of brains? with Anders Sandberg

This video is a recording of the London Futurists event on 17th Jan 2015, “What is a fair distribution of brains?”, featuring renowned neuroscience researcher and futurist philosopher Anders Sandberg: 157 more words