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Cognitive Enhancement for the Healthy

by Carolyn Chapman  •

Healthy high school and college students, as well as working adults, are turning to drugs for cognitive enhancement in increasing numbers. According to a recent national survey, over 6% of college students aged 18-22 reported using Adderall non-medically.1 In another survey of U.S. 1,358 more words


Should we be trying to make ourselves smarter though cognitive enhancement?

In recent years, there has been controversy about the use of medications like Ritalin and amphetamines by people without a medical diagnosis to warrant their use in order to boost performance in school and on tests. 2,044 more words


What is a fair distribution of brains? with Anders Sandberg

This video is a recording of the London Futurists event on 17th Jan 2015, “What is a fair distribution of brains?”, featuring renowned neuroscience researcher and futurist philosopher Anders Sandberg: 157 more words


Must I cognitively enhance? Smart drugs and the moral and legal duties of high-responsibility professionals

Consider these:

Role 1: You are a surgeon who will be performing a brain surgery in 30 minutes, and you have been working non-stop for the past 10 hours. 1,215 more words

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Cognitive Enhancement

This short video on cognitive enhancement was produced by second-year undergraduates at the University of Leicester. Through the use of role-play, and the ruminations of the central character “Dave”, they manage to capture many of the ethical issues associated with use of these compounds.

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NEW WORK! MountainMistHerbs.com

Mountain Mist Herbs is a company that is committed to providing only the highest quality of organic, herbal supplements for cognitive enhancement. On their website I’ve created for them you can easily add their items to your shopping cart, checkout, view past orders and reorder, and much more! 12 more words

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