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3/4 - Performance Load - Examples

Below are examples of products that exemplify Performance Load as summarised in Performance Load – A Few Things

Example One:

Electronic cards such as your Transperth card and ATM card reduce kinematic performance load by reducing the number of unnecessary tasks that are needed to complete everyday activities such as purchasing items from the supermarket or online and catching public transport without having waste time buying a ticket with cash. 209 more words


3/4 - Performance Load - A Few Things


The chapter, Performance Load, in Universal Principles of Design (2003), states that performance load is the psychological and physical degree with which it takes to complete a set task.

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 ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’

That is, stories of violence, disaster, dysfunction and sleaze get top billing driven by the supposition that these are the stories the community will be most drawn to watch or read. 427 more words


Mental illness is one of the chief causes of sadness, so what are we doing about it?  

This is not a tautology. For, people can be hopeless for numerous reasons — from poverty to joblessness to family collapse to physical sickness.

Nonetheless in any civilisation, chronic mental illness is a very powerful cause of unhappiness. 804 more words


Instructions to Help You Sleep Well

There are numerous variables that influence how well you sleep.

  1. Cover your windows with blackout shades or hangings. Even the smallest bit of light in the room can disturb your pineal gland’s manufacture of melatonin and the melatonin forerunner serotonin, thus unsettling your sleep cycle.
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Nowadays, lengthy restlessness is a prevalent marvel.

Yet, in the arena of sleep and sleeplessness, numerous unanswered questions remain.

Lengthy restlessness can be due to acute total sleep deprivation or to chronic partial sleep restriction. 414 more words


Blue Light Therapy


Organisms are cued by the 24-hour light dark cycle, which is built into their biological processes and acts in magnitude as a paramount influence on human behaviour (Chellapa, Godijn & Cajochen, 2011). 536 more words