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The First Autistic Monkey

Shanghai researchers published a study in Nature revealing that they genetically modified a monkey who then exhibited autistic traits.

The autistic monkey was given an extra copy of the MeCP2 gene – a gene that was found to be duplicated in severely autistic boys. 111 more words


Lumosity App Sued for $2 Million, Brain Games Developer Used Fake Advertising That Makes People Smarter

Have you recently downloaded Lumosity for yourself or for the elderly in your home? Recent allegations have indicated that the app does not live up to its expectation and false advertising was used. 52 more words

Written Work

Reviewing Instructional Strategies relevant to (US) Military Training Goals.

Research Paper Title

Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems.


In an effort to improve training efficiency ,the military has focused much attention on the development of replicable and generalisable training systems. 174 more words

Military Training

Does being bilingual make you smarter?

Studies have claimed that bilinguals outperform monolingual speakers on several cognitive performance measures, have delayed onset of dementia (by four to five years) and higher intelligence. 161 more words


Martial Art Training and Cognitive Performance

Cognitive performance includes the processes of attention, memory, processing speed, and executive functioning, which typically declines with aging. 263 more words

Here's why Netflix is making you dumb and fat

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at the effects of television time on cognitive behaviour and physical activity of participants over a 25 year period. 159 more words


Health and Stress: Nature is a Natural Stress Reducer and Productivity Booster

How do you relax and unwind when you’ve been focusing for a prolonged period of time on a project or studying for a big exam? Many people grab a large latte and figure the caffeine will re-energize them. 432 more words

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