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Vitamin D & Cognitive Decline: Any Link?

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Vitamin D Status and Rates of Cognitive Decline in a Multiethnic Cohort of Older Adults.


Vitamin D (VitD) deficiency is associated with brain structural abnormalities, cognitive decline, and incident dementia. 447 more words

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Free Gifts!

Happy Holidays!

I am so stoked for this time of year. Normally I am so hyped up on Coffee and Energy Drinks that I crash by 10pm. 107 more words

I Need Your Help & Support

Hi Everyone,

So, as you know, lately I have been talking about this product called thrive. The reason I am is because the cost of living is about to rise here in Washington due to the $15 minimum wage starting. 245 more words

A Method for Understanding Students' Perceptions of Concepts in the Defence in Depth Strategy

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A Method for Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Concepts inĀ the Defence in Depth Strategy.


The Defence in Depth strategy is a fundamental principle in the physical protection of the assets of anĀ organisation. 152 more words

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Cognitive Work Analysis: Human Factors & Military Doctrine

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Cognitive Work Analysis Beyond Human Factors and Engineering: Application to Military Doctrine and Strategy Development.


This paper extends the application of cognitive work analysis (CWA) beyond the fields of human factors and engineering by demonstrating its use for military doctrine and strategy development. 108 more words

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“An avidly accumulated amount of incompetence.”

Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I read this quote but I can visualise a few people who are the embodiment of its meaning.