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The Chow ring of the special linear group and K-(co)homology

This post continues some of my previous ones on computations involving the Chow ring. I think it’s well-known what the Chow rings of the split semi-simple linear algebraic groups are but, I’ve never been able to find them explicitly computed (which, similar to other instances, is either because of ignorance or simply not knowing where they occur, or how they’re proved, or all of the above). 1,013 more words

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The Chow ring of a special product of Severi-Brauer varieties

This post is devoted to proving the following theorem:

(0.1) Theorem: let be a field. Let be a central simple -algebra and assume is a central simple -algebra such that represents a class in the subgroup of the Brauer group generated by . 461 more words

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Twisted forms in geometry and algebra

I’m preparing to give another talk at the Student Seminar we are running at the University of Alberta this semester. This time, I’ll be trying to condense some of the information I’ve put into these notes on… 217 more words

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Random Exercise #5: The homotopy fibre of CP^1 ↪ CP^∞ and a Serre Spectral Sequence

Hi all, sorry for not having written much in the blog lately, i was kind of busy. First of all, I’m happy to announce that next I’ll be a graduate student at UT in Austin. 794 more words

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