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Random Exercise #4: The nonexistent 5-Manifold in Bredon's book

Dear all, sorry for not having posted anything so far but my master thesis (stable classification of certain families of four manifolds) and PhD interviews have been keeping me very busy :) 335 more words

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Notes on Pure Chow Motives

Notes on pure Chow motives.

I’ll be giving a talk soon on Pure Chow motives for the graduate algebra seminar at the university of Alberta. These are some notes I wrote up to fill in the details of what I’ll talk about.

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Sheaf (Čech) Cohomology: A glimpse

This is a blogpost on Sheaf Cohomology. We shall be following this article.

If the reader wants to read up on what a sheaf is, he/she can read the very readable… 416 more words

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Lecture 8, Dec 26, 2016

De Rham and Cech cohomology of smooth manifolds

Using the exterior differential on smooth differential forms and the fact that , we define the de Rham cohomology with real coefficients as the quotient space of closed -forms by exact -forms. 219 more words

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Sheaf Cohomology as a Cohomology Theory on Schemes

This post isn’t going to be a complete recount of sheaf cohomology. There is a succinct article fulfilling that purpose provided by the Stacks Project… 2,039 more words

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Intuition of Homology, Cohomology and Homotopy

Homology 同调 is better than Euler Characteristic to differentiate manifolds with holes (eg. Torus, Klein Bottle, …).

Cohomology: ​上同调

Homology => Free Abelian Group on Set (ie Add /Subtract structure) 10 more words

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