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The chaos of life

I don’t believe in going back and changing history, it is easy to redefine one event for a different outcome but there is little heed paid to the ripples of your new reality. 474 more words

Daily Post

drop hannah

You dropped Hannah and fired your revolver

You hit Emily square in the face.

Now you better take off before sundown,

Before wild things come to my place… 202 more words


Coin Toss: Champion Baseball (SEGA, 1983)

Pre-game huddle: The Coin Toss series spotlights sports-related arcade games from years gone by, with the inclusion of personal experiences from The Ref. Get those tokens ready! 1,303 more words


Coin Toss Evaluator

Coin toss evaluator

Recently I was discussing coin toss probabilities with someone. The question was whether there was any way to improve the chances of winning. 765 more words

A change to the traditional coin toss

There will be a slight but significant change to the beginning of each County Championship game this season. 394 more words


Would You Rather? Mosquitoes or Cancer

One thing that I love playing when I’m bored and with some people is the little game known as “Would You Rather?” The game is simple, someone asks a question beginning with “would you rather” and everyone picks one choice and has a little debate about it. 848 more words

The Toss of a Coin and Quantum Mechanics

Probability is defined in mathematics in the context of discrete elements in sets. However, it can be transitioned into an analogous definition in continuous mathematics. Thirdly, it can be represented as a meld of discrete and continuous concepts as a continuous probability function. 1,786 more words