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Did the Eagles incorrectly get the ball in overtime after botched coin toss?

Did the Philadelphia Eagles actually say “heads” instead of the winning “tails” coin toss in overtime, thus setting up its first-possession and game-ending touchdown and theoretically robbing the Dallas Cowboys of a chance to do the same? 479 more words


Texas football game decided by coin flip

A long day on the road and at the field ended with one key moment for the Lufkin (Texas) Panthers on Friday — a coin flip. 290 more words


History of the Coin Toss

What do a football game, the movie Scarface, and a certain New Zealand Lottery game have in common?

A coin toss!

In football, a coin is tossed to determine which team starts with the ball.   503 more words


Flip the coin at the Rugby Cup with Heineken

Great news for rugby fans: Heineken, the official sponsor of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, is giving you a chance to actually participate in the start of every game of the tournament. 184 more words


Coin Toss

Don’t know which job to choose?
Don’t know which person you like the best?
Don’t know which choice to make?

Flip a coin.

But don’t you… 79 more words


Những đoạn phim tôi yêu (P.1)

Cũng giống như sách có những đoạn gấp mép, gạch chân thỉnh thoảng lôi ra đọc lại. Phim mình cũng có những đoạn thỉnh thoảng nhớ là vào Youtube xem đi, xem lại, lần nào xem cũng thấy hay. 752 more words