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Fresno Christian football captains introduced themselves to California School for the Deaf using sign language

Prepare to witness the coolest highlight of the year, even though it involves no game action whatsoever.

VERY COOL šŸŽ„ā€¼ļø Fresno Christian played California School for the Deaf last night and the captains introduced themselves via sign language.

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Four sticks of ģœ·ė†€ģ“ (Yut-Nori)

Yut, probability and constant width
Yut-nori is very much the Royal Game of Ur (see youtube video by British Museum) or the more modern version, Ludo, where you have to get your pieces to the end before the other team, and you start from the beginning if someone lands on you. 261 more words

Board Game

A Coin Toss, Retracted

This one is the is the final (I promise) entry in the series that began with My Lucky Coin Toss. Please read the earlier parts before this one. 1,581 more words


Death Rattles

Recently, I had an encounter with a diamondback rattlesnake.

Whenever I have the opportunity to engage in a staring contest with a diamondback (this time I won), I like to contemplate the archetypal significance of the forking black tongue, and why there is association with androgyny and non-dualityĀ (the re-pairing of schism) with these creatures who produce forking tongues, whoĀ  are mythically the supposed “first primordial being who creates good and who creates evil”, or another way of putting it, an original force which intimidates aĀ shaking rabbitĀ into playing with theĀ cards it deals (or the coin), controlling the options, which is a classic tactic of manipulation and population management. 880 more words

Philosophy And Research

Coin Toss

The bleary-eyed man sat hunched on the curb. Behind him was an apartment building parking lot, and in front of him the blank wooden fences of terrace house backyards. 609 more words

Short Fiction

coin toss

Ideas racing

A mind filled with many thoughts

Which way to turn first

Color in a book

Write poetry all day long

Hang some new curtains… 34 more words


Chalkboard of haiku 126

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Background illustrationĀ :Ā Norman Rockwell (1894-1978)
from the cover of The Saturday Evening Post , October 21, 1950

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