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Responsibility Dilemma

Over the past several years, I have come across a fork in the road regarding finances. It is always so tricky to figure out if I should be responsible and  go left or should I be even more responsible and go right. 441 more words


“If you are ever in a dilemma and need some help, Toss the Coin – It works every time.” – This is the advice we often receive from our friends, family, colleagues and almost everyone.  510 more words

Beena Gurdasani

Flip the coin

Ever had that strong feeling that you should do something, like your mind is pushing you to do it and not be scared at all, but unfortunately there’s this other side of you that’s just scared of what might happen if you decide to do this thing? 387 more words


Coin Toss

‘Tails,’ I declared triumphantly.  So far my strategy with this little game of Death’s was to attempt to have no strategy at all.  Didn’t want him to cotton onto a pattern or anything like that.   1,812 more words

Mystery of a coin toss

This post was sparked by a question from Scott Adams’ book “God’s Debris”. I highly recommend the book as it’s highest quality food for thought. The center of the plot is a conversation between a courier and an old man. 902 more words


Coin Toss: Track & Field (Konami, 1983)

Track & Field stands as one of my favorite arcade games of all time. I played it a ton as a kid, back in the mid-1980s. 1,467 more words