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Strange coincidences...

Here’s something outrageous which has baffled me for a while.

My Best Friend of 16 years in Singapore has the initials DL.

The boy who got away has the initials DLo or DL. 55 more words


Further Proof of How the World Works Belief

Yesterday I went in to detail about my view that there is something pulling the strings of my life, I just don’t know what, too much happens to be a pure coincidence and another example of this took place last night. 163 more words

The Square Coincidence

So Mona and I are talking about going on a cruise next year. With her kids. And since we won’t be married, I’d need my own room. 82 more words


Unwanted fan

Everyone likes praises. If it comes from person you like, that is gift without envelope. What if you are on unwanted target? 

See how you react on someone who is not dear to you. 423 more words


Silver's Future Wife

While driving up a highway I hardly ever drive, to somewhere I have never been, I did something I have never done before.  I picked up a hitchhiker.  840 more words

Marc Kinna

Ancestral Guidance

For me, the SNAP moment in the last post related to a conversation I had last year with a young woman and a series of coincidences to now. 534 more words


            One of the great things about God is that He’s always in control; He has our destinies in His hands and, with our permission, will guide and direct them. 622 more words

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