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In the aftermath of Monday’s solar eclipse, having watched it progress throughout the morning, drove home the precise 59 more words


"This Weird Thing Just Happened"

Saturday 29 July 2017

This weird thing just happened, something that actually happens quite often…

I put on some new music and have been writing all morning when all of a sudden, the word I was writing was sung in the song currently playing, literally at the same time. 82 more words



I’ve just returned home from another exhausting day. Being me is not easy. Long day at school made even longer by the hours I spend at the lab. 336 more words


Schubfachprinzip Bar #1 (Fragment #024)

I felt like a boiled rag. That’s why I’d decided to weasel out of all this bookish bullshit and have a stroll around instead. Aimless walks have always helped me to… 184 more words

Tetiana Aleksina

Unexpected magic: Leaving Haida Gwaii (for now)

All my friends have left the island, both my housemates and my local friends, and I embrace my alone time with a hike up Tow Hill. 755 more words

Haida Gwaii

Total eclipse -- sign or coincidence?

There is a total eclipse of the sun taking place tomorrow in the United States. It will touch down in Oregon around 10 am and make a 70-mile wide swash across America ending in South Carolina at around 2:50 PM. 717 more words


BOOK REVIEW: " When God Winks At You. How God Speaks Directly To You Through The Power Of Coincidence."

Squire Rushnell wrote a book in 2006 about ways God communicates with us through circumstances that occur daily in our own personal lives. The title of the book shortened is: 607 more words