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The universe, coincidence, and walnut whips

I have had a couple of run-ins with coincidence recently. This is just one of them: for about three weeks I had been planning to start another ‘series’ of occasional blogs, titled with what I thought was a pretty old-fashioned couple of words. 722 more words

The "Hi guys!" Coincidence

So i had dinner with a couple friends in Brooklyn tonight. At some point, I texted Mona that the guys said “hi.”

We finished dinner, went to an ice cream shoppe. 55 more words


We're All Tiny Things

How can we measure life but in the tiniest of things:
the volume of humanity in your face,
your reflected grin, captured and bulging
in beads of condensation, 215 more words

Creative Writing

I Thought I'd Better Write

It almost feels selfish, which is strange. But truth is, writing is good for business, literally in the moment.

I already spoke about writing increasing book sales. 99 more words



Things are finally buckling down at work. Out on the study abroad fair circuit. Visiting schools, securing meetings with organizations (well, trying to). It’s busy. 784 more words

Are you hesitating to start something?

Do you ever look a gift horse in the mouth and then ignore the gift you’ve been given without realising you are doing it?  I know I do and have in the past. 326 more words

The Forced Evolution of Gleaners

In a previous post (https://uppitymonkey.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/unpleasant-and-unpopular-monsters/) , I gave a brief history of the gleaners. I actually said more than I planned, but I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the only mention of their origin. 1,405 more words