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Chancing on a funeral

The universe has a strange sense of humor.

I’m waiting in a jeepney stopped at a terminal. The radio was playing Whitney Houston’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go… 23 more words


Imposed Meaning on the Meaningless

A pigeon in a street light
A shooting star tonight
I couldn’t help but to believe
Everything will be alright


Infinitely Synergetic Love

Love does not come to maturity,

it cannot coincidentally optimize,

with fears about shortage of time.

Perfect pitch synergy

swells toward Beloved Climax Community

as fears and anger about Here and Now… 109 more words

just a coincidence?

okays if something happens once we say luck, next time we say coincidence but when it is literally happening everyday of your life what do you call it?..me? 252 more words


Maybe there is no coincidence, certain events have to happen in our lives. Starting from the beginning, we were formed by choices and circumstances we couldn’t control. 259 more words

Written in the stars

Follow up to my Astrology question

Have you ever thought that there maybe, maybe is a greater power that dictates how life sorta goes?

276 more words

BankMed or MotherCare?

A couple of weeks back, streets of Beirut were being bombarded with an intriguing advertising (no not the black cat ad).

Giant panels bore the letter “YOU”. 370 more words

Lebanese Life