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Yesterday was a perfect sunny day in Hollywood, Florida.

Local weather experts promised another gorgeous day today.

However, soon after I published a post “RAIN” 50 more words


A dog’s dinner in our very Fortean times

What do you do if you get home late, don’t get enough sleep, then have to get up and leave home early, have a busy day ahead, no time to transcribe the two interesting chats you have had with people and have to write a blog before you leave? 544 more words



Given that I’m unemployed at the moment, I have a few spare minutes on my side ( ;) ) and each day I try to get out and explore. 525 more words


I have played Chopin’s Berceuse for six different occasions, including three funerals in the past week. I wasn’t being unimaginative – it was simply the right piece for all six of those times.  140 more words

Sonya Subbayya Sutton

He teaches me about himself, and myself a lot. We will never get the chance to work out, but of all the experiences I have had or will have, this one is different, this ones special, and this one is one I wouldn’t want to give up. 130 more words


The Limp Bizkit Coincidence

That’s right…

Limp Bizkit, that rap rock band from the 90s that, after the 90s were over, you hated to admit that you liked.

Anyway, this morning a Facebook friend posted that there wasn’t a Limp Bizkit lyric line that he didn’t know. 60 more words


What a Coinkydink

I didn’t do anything out of my comfort zone this week but I did have a pretty cool weekend so I’m writing about it. Not exactly following the rules, but they’re my rules, so there. 1,193 more words