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how does one know they're in love????

I always find myself on google searching a thousand and one different things about being in love *gasp*


Blogger Coincidence/ I'm a Wizard!

So I left a note on a fellow bloggers last blog post from months ago, one saying she was going on a blog break. One of the first bloggers I blog-befriended. 36 more words



KATE HELD OUT A PICTURE, a printed picture she kept in her wallet. The picture was of two bullets that had collided in midair from the battle of Gallipoli. 44 more words

Full Circle: John Rollwagen

I interviewed John Rollwagen, former chairman and CEO of Cray Research, for a Minnesota business magazine article titled “Full Circle.” John’s story is a perfect illustration of the value of connections, synchronicities and how we often find ourselves in someone else’s orbit. 1,367 more words

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Coincidences, Priests And Other Nightmares

I seem these days to be haunted more than ever by coincidence. Perhaps it’s a sign of advancing age: the number of things I think I know have begun to loop back in on each other. 1,077 more words

Flat Tire

I was already out of the store
loading the potatoes
and the paper towels into my car
when I noticed I hadn’t
taken the milk out of the cart… 138 more words


Film Review: Signs

SFC Cunningham: I’ve got it figured. I’ve had two separate folk tell me that there have been strangers around. Can’t tell what they look like, ’cause they’re staying in the shadows… covert-like. 754 more words

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