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Ideas that come under the shower are the best ones

2nd of July, 2014:

My 2nd semester in the university had just ended. I got 2 F grades, and had to register for the summer course(s) in order to prevent any breaks in my studies. 737 more words


Blowing Rock, NC

Four years ago last month, I saw the town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, for the first time.

North Carolina is my home state, and I’ve seen a lot of that state, including the Asheville area, where both my sister and I (and our dad) went to… 516 more words

299. Coincidental Miracles

Coincidence is what non believers call unexplainable phenomena in their lives, stuff that seems to have been orchestrated by an intelligent higher being that they don’t believe in, so they say, “Wow, what a coincidence!” Instead of “That’s miraculous!”  Coincidence works in the secular scientific materialistic explanation of the world and human behaviors. 1,122 more words

Sometimes, Shit Happens

There’s a tendency with many to look for some grand cosmic reason for everything that happens, whether it’s good stuff or bad stuff. Recently, a few ex-Christian Scientist acquaintances of mine have been going through what could mildly be called ‘rough patches’ in their lives. 472 more words

Current Thoughts

Car Rental Coincidence

My brother called and we were talking for a while about about the parents.

Then I mentioned that my car was in the shop and that I was driving a rental. 27 more words



its not a coincidence that love and danger are represented by the same color! ;)