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Mr. Attardo, Ms. Rowling and Me

I believe in coincidences, like the universe is affirming that I’m on the right path or headed for the right frequency. To my skeptical friends, I can describe my coincidence confidence rationally as well: when something arises repeatedly in all different contexts, it’s because I’m particularly open to that concept, and the more interested I get, the more I notice it and the more angles I can spot it from. 158 more words


A series of coincidences?

We wanted to have children – and definitely more than one. I was an only child and my wife had been raised as an only child by her aunt and uncle. 625 more words


The Awkward Coincidence Of Temasek's SMRT Buyout: A Win For Singaporeans & Shareholders?

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

In the past weeks, national transport operator SMRT has been at the centre of a couple of significant corporate actions. These moves appear, at least on paper, to be a major positive for the company and its shareholders. 1,105 more words

Money Matters

What's the significance of numbers? Dates?

What’s the significance of numbers?  For regular lottery players, numbers are very important. I know that there is also spiritual significance in numbers. And for most of us, birth dates, anniversaries and other dates are particularly important. 925 more words


Coincidence? I think not!

“But while I advise you to embellish, I forbid you to depart from what is plausible. The reader has every right to feel aggrieved when he realizes that too much is being asked of him. 319 more words


Coincidence, Boats, and a Chance to Walk on Water

I peek over the edge and find the billowing blue ocean enticing, but scary.

Sit back down in the humdrum. Catch my breath. Look away. The wood floor of the boat holds strength, stability, and what is known. 604 more words


The Outside Coincidence

So I recently set my phone notification sound for emails and texts to be the sound of “JUUUUUUST A BIT OUTSIDE” from the movie Major League, by Bob Ueker’s sportscaster character Harry Doyle. 22 more words