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A few months ago, I realized that almost everyday, I glance at a clock at exactly 7:22. Sometimes it’s am. Sometimes pm. It might be my watch, the clock in the car, the microwave in the kitchen, the cable box under the TV, to the lock screen on my phone. 170 more words



I ended up having a meeting with someone yesterday and at the very end, she gave me the name of a medical intuitive in town.  After coming home, I contacted her and told her that someone recommended that we talk.  61 more words


Clichéd Scenes

1. Morning cliché
Clichés come in all sizes. There are as many clichéd scenes as phrases and words. For instance, how many times have you seen a book begin with the protagonist being “rudely awakened” from a “sound sleep” by an alarm? 368 more words

Coincidences No.s 270 & 271 - Eat Your Heart Out


I go in to Eat opposite my office to have a coffee with an Irish TV presenter I’m meeting for the first time. We sit at one of the only two tables in the branch, two two-person tables side by side. 228 more words


Jony Ive: Launch of iPhone X on 10th Anniversary of iPhone is a Coincidence

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The Apple design chief made the comments at last month’s iPhone X event during a brief chat with Japanese design magazine

Ive told the magazine that the iPhone X project had an incubation period of more than two years, and with features like Face ID and the TrueDepth camera, is one of the most difficult projects Apple has undertaken. 345 more words



Alcoholics Anonymous has a saying; Coincidence is God’s way of doing something and still remaining anonymous! I agree with that! When we visited a forest a few weeks ago, it was apparent there had been a significant storm in the park with an amazing amount of trees that had fallen over forest stairways and paths. 375 more words


Inspiration Found, Only Too Late..

Ever thought that you liked a certain song for an odd reason? you think maybe because you like the beat and the lyrics and that’s it. 79 more words