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Gravity Waves and Hieronymous Bosch Exhibition

Hieronymous Bosch’s biggest art exhibition in his home country Netherlands this week coincided with news from NASA that they’d detected gravitational waves from a couple of black holes colliding deep in space time. 218 more words

Greenygrey Science

Giving Up Power

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

                                                                                                                           -Alice Walker

It was the strangest thing, but the other day I was reading my emails and this came up as the Goodreads quote of the day and I really felt something when I read it, like it was meant for me.  409 more words


Running into an old friend

After roaming Phnom Penh for a morning, I wasn’t feeling too well. My back was hurting (I strained it a week and a half ago, and it’s gonna take some time before it will be completely back to normal) and besides that, I was suffering from some thing that some women suffer from approximately every month, but about which I won’t go into detail, so the guys reading my blog won’t freak out. 433 more words


a wink and a sign

A wink or also referred to as God’s wink…..is similar to a coincidence….ie. I texted a friend on day and shortly thereafter he sent me a picture of a street sign…the street was MY name.  93 more words

from random to synchronic

Seen as I was doing my exercise walk in Golden Gate Park, February 4, 2016. What you are looking at is, of course, what’s left of the inside of the ‘top’ body piece of a flat top round hole guitar.
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Aliens Among Us

Many years ago, I was shopping with my daughter in an outdoor mall when I suddenly needed to go to the toilet. The closest facility was in a public bar, so we headed through the lounge to a small back hallway.  1,164 more words

Inside Lianne's Brain

Noisy Whisper

Those choice words; from under breath, you told.

Then, from over yonder, someone screamed, ‘who the f***?’

It was a perfectly timed coincidence, but your blood ran cold.