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Coincidence or kowinkydink

In addition to this list 3 or 4 former Arkansas  State Troupers who were part of Clinton’s Body Guard detail when he was governor, were later appointed as Secret Service Agents when he became President.  

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Coincidence? Or synchronicity?

Last April I did write about synchronicity.

I can not define the difference between coincidence and  synchronicity.

I know for sure that to me coincidence is much easier to write than synchronicity. 1,023 more words

Firm Foundation

Below, there is a photo of Sam, my beloved bird of paradise. It is easy to see how sad he looks leaning past the wall, with that tear in his leaf and the dark green colour just not present. 152 more words



“Hello”, that was all. We spoke a minute; felt like hours. So here we stand, painted emotions in glee. All it took was a “Hello” and you found me. 75 more words

How to be best with people...

How to be best with people ?

I am what I am and I won’t need special steps to be followed to impress anyone ! If people like me, they are welcomed else fine …No problem. 555 more words


The Cost of Karma

My boyfriend Mike is an optimist – he believes in the power of positive thinking and takes that belief a step further into action. He feels that with just your positive thoughts, you can manifest change. 1,487 more words

Travel Philosophy