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Hey, say something that’s never been said before, the man in the Russian coat said.

The penny-hoarders are all dead by the oyster-shucking farm, I said. 247 more words


Ripple Escrows 55 Billion XRP for Supply Predictability

Earlier this year, we committed to placing 55 billion XRP in a cryptographically-secured escrow account to create certainty of XRP supply at any given time. As promised, today we completed the lockup. 489 more words


Top Korean Banks Work with Japan Bank Consortium to Modernize Cross-border Payments

The ability to send money globally in real time has caught fire in the international financial industry. Large banking groups, such as the Japan Bank Consortium, are leading the charge. 282 more words


Employees Gifts – Corporate Challenge Coins

Making Challenge Coins for your Employees…

In our society, many people are committed to work!

No matter if for a special position and industry or even the hardest and dirty field. 195 more words

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Extra-territoriality of ICOs

By Jamari Mohtar

Across the Straits

Focus Malaysia | Dec 15, 2017

Under its guidelines on digital token offerings issued on Nov 15, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) says a trading platform like Luno, which is a cryptocurrency exchange, will not be regulated in Singapore unless it introduces the trading of securities tokens. 1,055 more words

Crypto Currency

Everything you need to know about ICOs

(Source: thenextweb.com)

If you are in the startup ecosystem — or just a casual reader of tech sites — I’m sure that the majority of the fundraising stories you must have heard in past few months had a new term attached to them — ICO. 1,813 more words


Hackers Snatch over $70 Million Worth of Bitcoin

 The cryptocurrency madness has helped propel the value of Bitcoin through the roof. With everyone clamoring for their piece, hackers are coming out and exploiting weaknesses in various companies. 201 more words

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