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1971 (2014)

What was COINTELPRO? How did we find out about it?

While many people had known all through the 1960s that the federal government regularly played dirty tricks on the activist left, it was only in 1971 that they got proof. 791 more words


The @FBI never cleaned up its act: watch, learn, remember.

1971 | Citizens Who Exposed COINTELPRO | Independent Lens | PBS

On March 8, 1971, a group of citizens broke into a small FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, took every file, and shared them with the public. 33 more words

A Homeboy’s Notes On Poetry: If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?

Young ones (or the young ones trying to move forward),

This pain you feel? (upon the loss of the right of black people to peacefully assemble, the Ferguson police department following the COINTELPRO playbook to the letter, children getting shot at with rubber bullets at night and having Don Lemon calling them thugs in the morning, and the realization that black people are going to have to deal with these kind of police/stand your ground shootings turned lynching bees for the rest of our days?) Respect it. 731 more words


If Intel is Committing Crimes There, They are Also Violating Laws Here: Don't Compartmentalize.

We saw the re-emergence of counterintelligence at Occupy Wall Street and then against activists opposing the building of the tar sands carrying pipeline, Keystone XL.  We watched as anti-fracking activists were targeted and surveilled in Pennsylvania and New York by national security agencies. 541 more words

Nixon's Domino Theory Was Right

First published May 12, 2015 by Pat LaMarche in her column at the Huffington Post

It’s graduation season and nearly two million undergrads will receive their diplomas this year. 918 more words


FBI Gives Environmentalists The "Extremists" Treatment.

You heard it here last because I am blocked from accessing the Guardian site. Why? The Guardian says that there is no problem on their end. 139 more words