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The science and freakiness of black-hearted trolls in the 9/11 “Truth Movement”

The science and freakiness of black-hearted trolls in the 9/11 “Truth Movement”

“The essential element in the black art of obscurantism is not that it wants to darken individual understanding but that it wants to blacken our picture of the world, and darken our idea of existence.” 8,921 more words

9/11 Truth Movement

Rational Wiki 'TI' Section Response, Part 1

This will serve as a start to a response to Rational Wiki’s piece {which changes from time to time; it is a wiki} on so-called Targeted Individuals. 2,607 more words

BBD - There's Only Bad Guys

Primarily this is a update because I haven’t posted in so long. Also it is the result of a recent experiment though I’m not sure I intended it to be one. 579 more words

The Intercept: How the CIA Writes History

In researching and writing a biography of Angleton, I constantly confront a conundrum: Was the man utterly brilliant? Or completely nuts?

Photo: Harvey Georges/AP

By  1,862 more words

Military Madness

Black Lives Matter being spied on by Chicago law enforcement...



On Monday (April 11), reports uncovered a Chicago Police Department operation that included spying on the Chicago faction of Black Lives Matter, the authorized police operation sent undercover officers to screen meetings and protests led by the organization. 174 more words



Title:                      COINTELPRO

Author:                 Cathy Perkus

Perkus, Cathy (1975), ed. COINTELPRO: The FBI’s Secret War on Political Freedom. Introduction by Noan Chomsky. New York: Monad Press… 147 more words