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Security Culture and Democracy

A friend and long time prominent activist, Bob Simpson, posted on Facebook regarding FBI informers and moles at an underground DC newspaper he once worked for. 363 more words

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🏴 False Flag Attacks 101 - What Is a False Flag Operation?

Conspiracy theorists seem to call every tragedy a “false flag attack”. But what exactly is a false flag operation? This video will introduce you to the subject!


Episode 70: The Enemy Within: Conspiracy Theory 101

Conspiracy theories are a mainstay of modern culture. Whether anchoring complex theatrical thrillers, or filling air time in the twenty-four hour news cycle, the complex shadow machinations of mysterious actors create excellent alternative narratives and high entertainment value wherever we might encounter them. 501 more words


Tick, tock - the steps to a takeover of humanity?

This video, from FaceLikeTheSun, really gave me pause for thought:

As it drew to a close, I felt a strong sense that the internet itself is going to become an unsafe place for us very soon. 286 more words

FBI Rigged Investigation of Black Panthers, Newly Released Docs Reveal

Sputnik – 03.03.2017

Newly-released FBI files reveal that authorities tampered with an investigation into a police officer’s death in the 1970s, resulting in a Black Panther leader dying in prison for a crime he did not commit.

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Newark under Surveillance: Highlights of the COINTELPRO files, and Confessions of an Undercover Cop (1988)

It’s a good time to think about surveillance and its history. We have a nakedly racist administration escalating and further militarizing the already cruel and counterproductive monitoring, harassment, and deportation of Latino/a people. 2,185 more words