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COINTELPRO [Milik USA] - Misi Perusak Negara Lain

COINTELPRO (singkatan untuk Counter Intelligence Program; “Program Risik Balas”) ialah serantaian projek menyamar, dan selalunya salah di sisi undang-undang, yang dijalankan oleh Biro Penyiasatan Persekutuan (FBI) Amerika Serikat dengan tujuan memantau, menyusup masuk, mencemarkan nama baik, dan mengganggu pertubuhan politik tempatan. 239 more words


When Black Men and Women refuse to live under oppression

“I broke the code of silence with overloads of talent. My only challenge, not to explode in violence” – Rakim, Been a long time

Black men and women who refuse to live under oppression are dangerous to white society because they become symbols of hope to their brothers and sisters, inspiring them to follow their example. 2,391 more words

Shocking News: Women less valued than piss-soaked beds!

Shocking News: Women less valued than piss-soaked beds!

Intelligence agencies around the world are struggling to understand the moral depravity within our world today.  Apparently, society no longer values women like they used to.  190 more words


Allegedly Donald Trump Hired Russian Prostitutes to Pee In Beds He Knew the Obamas Slept!

Today news broke that Russian operatives have a raft of comprising material on Donald Trump that they are holding to use against him.

As reported by various sources including the Root, and CNN-A person claiming to be a former British intelligence official compiled a dossier that has been circulating for weeks among elected officials, intelligence agents, and journalists, making claims that the Russian government has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” President-elect Donald Trump for years and gained compromising information about him. 344 more words

Here’s How The Government Is Working To Erode Constitutional Privacy Protections

By Derrick Broze | Activist Post

A new report details how intelligence officials are attempting to use a secret court to reinterpret privacy protections guaranteed by the U.S. 912 more words


Maliki Shakur Latine Is Out Of Prison!

Maliki Shakur Latine was born in the Bronx – a tough neighborhood in a tough city. Seeing the vicious cycle of oppression through planned economic terrorism and ever present violence becoming entrenched in the daily lives of all those around him, he got involved with the Nation of Islam. 600 more words

The Politics Of Oppression