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Some Words of Caution

As it is becoming more likely that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, I reproduce some useful words of caution from some Venezuelan anarchists on how to protect yourself from the state police, secret or otherwise. 1,616 more words


Truther Dialogue: The 9/11 Shock Waves Theory

9/11 victims – Rest In Peace

Truther Dialogue: the 9/11 Shock Waves Theory

The following is an extract of a recent group e-mail conversation between certain 9/11 truthers: 1,281 more words


Why Activists Suspect Police Involvement in Death of Darren Seals

Veteran Ferguson activist, hip-hop artist, and community member Darren Seals was found shot dead in a burning car Tuesday. Given the background of the victim and the circumstances of his death, Black Lives Matter activists have very real concerns to suspect involvement from either police or pro-police white supremacist forces. 1,006 more words

Dr. Jim Fetzer verses The Beatles

An open letter to Dr. Jim Fetzer:

Dear Jim Fetzer,

Please would you help to defend the honour and dignity of men and women everywhere – by writing a critical review of the following article? 1,635 more words


Dirty Larry still longs to be Gordon Duff’s hostage


Jahilliya Times – Satirical News Report:


Dirty Larry (aka Larry Silverstein) – one of the most notorious criminal Zionist masterminds of the 9/11 Crime of the Millennium, is still reluctantly a free man. 718 more words

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