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Planters Punch 2

Planters Punch is an IBA Official cocktail made of dark rum, several juices, Grenadine syrup, Sugar Syrop, and Angostura Bitter.

The cocktail has been said to have originated at the Planters Hotel in Charleston SC, but the recipe originates in Jamaica. 63 more words

Love Potion 

Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite…I love margaritas and here is a ‘Love Potion’ for all those looking for love or celebrating love ❤️ 32 more words


Ampersand (dry)

Another recipe that can be made with Old Tom or dry gin – again, I am using a lighter London style in Hendricks. The mystery of this drink is why the ‘and’ in the title; the answer is in the ingredients: gin *and* brandy *and* vermouth. 171 more words


Bell of St Clement


3 parts @sxliquors chachacha Reposado Tequila with a hint of lemon and honey.

2 parts @cointreau .

3 parts @mineralspringsco Lemon mineral water.

2 parts Navel Orange Shrub. 16 more words


Ambrosia Margarita (Fig)

This is one of the prettiest Margaritas I have ever made!


3 parts @sauzatequila blanco tequila

1 part @cointreau_officiel .

2 parts fig syrup (see recipe below). 68 more words


Tamarind Mezcal Magic


3 parts Vida Mezcal

1 part @cointreau_officiel .

3 parts home made Sweet Tamarind juice.

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice.

Result: There is something about Mezcal and Tamarind together, so perfect! 6 more words