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Морковный торт от Кристофа Мишалака и Niksya

По-поводу крем-сыра Philadelphia. Я знаю, что его сейчас достаточно сложно найти в магазинах. Заменить целиком маскарпоне нельзя. У «Филадельфии» сливочно-творожный, чуть солоноватый вкус. Маскарпоне же — это очень-очень густые сливки, с соответствующим вкусом. 7 more words


Classy Cosmopolitan

Sometimes I crave the classic simplicity of a Cosmopolitan. This drink has many ownership claims, and is probably a modern adaptation of a traditional Daisy or Kamikaze cocktail. 213 more words

Cocktail Recipes

#128 - Physically Sick and a Little Bit Sad

Join  us for a gentle jog around the botanic gardens. Just make sure to pack some Zantac and 30 mini-bottles of Cointreau.

Listen below…

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sweetestplum/128_-_Physically_sick_and_a_little_bit_sad_1.mp3… 62 more words

Nick Maxwell

Mezcal Margarita

According to bucketloads of experts, it’s hard to achieve anything in life unless you have a goal. This is probably why, every time a workplace performance review comes around, I am asked to set myself some ‘measurable and achievable’ goals. 606 more words

52 Cocktails Creations

Bank's Closed Cocktail

“I’m goofy for ya!”

“You’re bent.”

“I think you’re the cat’s pajamas!”

“Oh, tell it to Sweeney.”

“Howsabout we ankle it over the struggle buggy for a pet!” 149 more words

The Many-Faced Cocktail

A bartender is asked to make a custom cocktail for fancy people who don’t typically imbibe anything over a certain ABV. A bartender is given one rule: must be blue. 1,161 more words


Amaro Lucano

Rather than wait a year or more between amaro posts, we thought we’d get ahead of the game and do another. Closing our eyes, spinning around in a circle, and grabbing a bottle from the shelf, we landed on… 462 more words