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Coir Aquascape 10G NFSA Tanks

I’ve been playing today.  I love the way the coir looks like the humus covered woodland or forest.  I like the cave I made with it as well.  124 more words

Using Coir (Coconut Husk) As Quasi Substrate Update

The Coir is holding up well, and leaves little if any trash in the tank.  The plants are beginning to root in it, and are doing well.  150 more words

The Kangaroo Paw Fern

We have the Kangaroo Paw Fern (Microsorum diversifolium) growing in a hanging basket in the front of our home. It is always green and thriving, despite growing in full sunlight. 168 more words

Flowers & Plants

Using coir; and other stuff

Coir or coconut fibre can be used as an alternative to peat as a base for composts. However it has different water retention properties to peat so I thought I’d better get to see what its best for. 152 more words

What You Should Know About Coconuts

Coconuts are an amazing, distinctive, health-promoting food and resource for household products. But what exactly is a coconut?

Coconut is a tree, a fruit, a seed. 582 more words

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Coir – fibres from the miracle coconut

People have been harvesting coir since ancient times. In days gone past, these strong fibres were the raw material for ships’ ropes across much of southern Asia. 347 more words

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