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An Eyeful

After my afternoon of alternating between a skinny little diet tonic water and a thick full fat Coke in my cunt, I sadly had to come back to the real world and do some work. 169 more words


Coke Can

With my corset tighter and my cunt looser than I’ve ever got either before I was determined to slip the whole full Coke can inside me. 189 more words


A Real Thirst

I’ve been wondering if the reason I’ve been having issue with the Coke can is because of the shape and weight of it. It’s no bigger than the… 224 more words


Getting ready

I wanted to make my Master proud today and make it the day I took the Coke can after a week of trying.

I just haven’t been able to get there even when I was wet and loose after fucking and stretching myself with an assortment of vegetables or any other night I’ve tried by myself. 315 more words


Why not?

I still haven’t managed to slip the whole Coke can inside me and feel its weight stretch my cunt lower and wider.

I’m not sure why. 80 more words



This is how far I got my first time with the Coke can. Halfway is promising but not good enough. I need to keep practising to please my Master. 45 more words


Can I?

Today’s challenge from my Master was to put my wig on and go to the shop to buy a can of Coke. And then slide that can of Coke into my stretched pussy and keep it there. 288 more words