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Anyone want coke ?

Coca-Cola® recently invested millions into a new campaign for sustainability, called ‘A bottle love story’. Why would they advertise this topic when it seemingly is unconnected to their current product image of ‘Fun soft drink’. 505 more words

A Bottle Loves Story

democrats in drag queen

Well this is not the best subject , but for all the homo zombies, army ant struts,skekywags and putt on that thing its great. So sorry there is no picture of gofers dick.   56 more words

Earth Worms

now the democrats

just look at them on fb. they are all decriped  and need a rest home. Its too bad so sad there in deep catch 22 mode. 7 more words

Earth Worms


O NOW its  seeing split tail go by and notice. Hey u know or for got,probably for got . u said u tryed to commit what ever and u dont know how loney i am.   159 more words

Coke Cola

goat ropers need love houses

Hello all  u preverts going east or wesr on hwy 290. yes that town has got the best dog men, ladies doing wolfs, dog sex  around. 143 more words

sex facts for goat ropers

sex bag bg and the sex dogs

January 20, 2009

Where is bg that old lady probably. Bet shes fat. Hope she found some one thats fat .  210 more words