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Coca-Cola, a look into Ad Designs

Coca-Cola – open a Coke, open happiness

This ad for Coca-Cola was searched for through yahoo images, the link for the picture is https://www.designyourway.net/drb/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Coca-Cola-open-happiness1.j.jpg Which takes you to a post about the differences between the Coca Cola and Pepsi Ads. 521 more words


Psychopath Opens Food Truck

The buzz began to build almost 7 months ago, but now, Coke & Rice is finally open. The food truck will be parked in the historical Jay Lot, right behind the Office Depot, where there was previously an alligator farm before it burned down. 362 more words


Share a Coke or two...

The above ad is found at https://www.brandingmag.com/2015/06/09/coke-makes-twitter-ad-bit-personal/. The company Coca-Cola put this Coke ad out as a way to get people interested in purchasing not only a coke for themselves, but also for others. 373 more words


I took this shot on my Polaroid Snap instant camera.


Four Childhood Wonders of Recovery

Both my younger brother, Chuck, and I had awful childhood allergies and managed to catch any sinus infection or strep throat going around in the 1950’s in Atlanta, Georgia. 534 more words



FIFA World Cup(TM) Global merchandise programme.


Develop a range of merchandise that supports the brand and the event. Create a bespoke and easy to use e-commerce system. 71 more words