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Clear Coke

Kovalla tohinalla useissa tiedotusvälineissä ja sosiaalisen median kanavissa markkinoille  kolisteli myös Coca Cola Company Japan. Kirkasta kolaa – ooh ja uuh! Ihmeellistä, kummallista! Outoa! Outo ja suloinen, asiat jotka tuntuvat vetoavan japanilaisiin, ainakin stereotypioissamme. 96 more words


40 Comprehensive Social Security Facts

You have heard it all before (from me, if not elsewhere), but for some reason misinformation persists and is readily accepted as truth by many Americans.  33 more words


Haiku #476

Soft at the edges

As sweet as coca-cola


“Fixing Social Security is quite easy so why is it ignored? All Americans working and retired must share in the necessary changes

The most obvious answer is because politicians don’t tell the truth and Americans don’t want to hear the truth.

Any fix to make SS not only solvent but sustainable requires modest changes over several years and those… 183 more words


Coca Cola Breach Proves Employees May Be Significant Threat

Coca-Cola is the latest company to fall victim to a data breach.  Unlike some of the others that have recently made headlines, however, this one was conducted from within. 6 more words