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Pay Actions: An Introduction for HR Professionals

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about compensation practices that included a brief look at pay approaches including single-rate pay, step-based pay, and a slew of pay differentials. 1,303 more words


New ad for Pepsi J-Cola is like a badass Mad Max Japanese festival 【Video】

The crazy big-budget commercial stars some of Japan’s most well-known musicians on flame-spewing monster floats. 486 more words


CPI-W continues its march higher - potential 2019 Social Security COLA increasing

The CPI-W for January 2018 was 241.919, for February it was 242.988 and for March it was 243.463

All are a significant increase over the previous months. 22 more words


How do we get our money back from the Social Security Trust Fund?

Before 2010 Social Security payroll taxes exceeded the amount needed to pay benefits. That surplus (which no longer exists) was invested in special US Treasury Bonds. 214 more words


Soda Pop

Fizzles and bubbles
Sugary and spicy-sweet
Lip-smack refreshing


Politics or Choice - The essence of Duopoly

How often do you consider your preferred choice of something?

Your favourite colour?

Maybe Red today, Black tomorrow. Maybe you even like a few shades of Blue. 1,719 more words

Suntory releases new Pepsi soft drinks only available in Japan

The three new beverages have been developed to specifically suit Japanese tastes. 357 more words