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A new study has revealed that cola raises cancer risk due to its caramel colouring

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Research has found that 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel), the chemical that gives cola its appealing caramel colour is a potential carcinogen. 254 more words

WEA Meeting on 3/21

You’ve lost 12% of your buying power the past 7 years.  The budget proposed by our governor this year would add only a 4.8% COLA over the next 2 years.   57 more words


Suka Coke Tapi Tak Nak Manis?

Jika anda peminat tegar Coca Cola atau Coke tapi dalam masa yang sama tak nak manis (tak nak gula) dan tak nak kalori, maka pilihan sudah pasti ada! 158 more words



She opened her eyes and
he was gone, she turned
her head both ways and walked to the
window, there were lines coming from
the street lamps and lines… 107 more words

The Range of Flavors Used in Cola Products

If you are not in the soft drink industry, then it is likely that you aren’t quite sure what goes into the formulas for cola beverages. 503 more words

Ordinary life in HK


What you can buy in Hong-Kong? Where can you travel with subway? So many choices, so many options)) So many ways!