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WOOF Celebrates its 3rd Birthday, and, unavoidably, Halloween, both at the Same Time!

Yes, Woofketeers….it’s once again time to celebrate WOOF’s entrance upon the cyberspacial stage, which is merely to say, in a less self-absorbed context, that it is once again Halloween. 8,247 more words

"The Horror...the Horror!" Forum

most beautiful colanders

When did colanders get so chic? These five pretty (and functional) models—good for washing everything from delicate herbs to piles of salad greens—aren’t meant for stashing out of sight. 55 more words


{Pineapple Decor for Kitchen}

In my dream kitchen I always want to create a warm + welcoming kitchen for all to enjoy!

I believe the pieces below will help convey that warm welcome! 185 more words


What’s the difference? A colander, a strainer, a berry bowl

What do you call a bowl that has little holes in it? A colander? A strainer? Maybe even a berry bowl? With that limited description, any one of those answers could be correct. 529 more words

Kitchenware Corner

Pastafarianism: The Rise of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Religion is one of the things that has remained a conflict since the beginning of time. But can a religion that worships a large, meatball-eyed spaghetti monster change it all? 397 more words


Specials in Our Kitchen

My first unusual gadget was a great can opener my mom got for us to help her in the kitchen.  It attached with the blade parallel with the top of the can, and it cut off the whole lid with no sharp edges.  1,030 more words

The Violently Tragic History Of The Sieve

Sieves are great for all manner of reasons. Need something sieving? Get your sieve! Don’t need to sieve something? Leave the sieve in its kitchen drawer! 285 more words