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Pastafarianism: The Rise of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Religion is one of the things that has remained a conflict since the beginning of time. But can a religion that worships a large, meatball-eyed spaghetti monster change it all? 397 more words


Specials in Our Kitchen

My first unusual gadget was a great can opener my mom got for us to help her in the kitchen.  It attached with the blade parallel with the top of the can, and it cut off the whole lid with no sharp edges.  1,030 more words

The Violently Tragic History Of The Sieve.

Sieves are great for all manner of reasons. Need something sieving? Get your sieve! Don’t need to sieve something? Leave the sieve in its kitchen drawer! 285 more words


"Pastafarian" Man Touts The Right To Wear A Colander On His Head In Official Photos

You want to wear a colander on your head in your driver’s license photo and call it a form of religious expression as a Pastafarian of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? 278 more words

Simple Green Ideas

Back on course after the minor hiccough during the weekend.

Here’s two simple ideas. One for the kitchen, the other for the den or kids’ room. 14 more words

Simple Green Ideas