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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report wasn’t a great show, it had far from an original format, but it did have a great host. The character Stephen Colbert played was obviously satire, taking a good bit of the character from Fox commentator Bill O’Reilly, but the energy, wittiness, and enthusiasm that made the character widely loved carries over into the Late Show. 1,597 more words


And Nothing But the Truthiness by Lisa Rogak

I am tangentially obsessed with Stephen Colbert.  I’ve never really watched Colbert Report (except for the week he interviewed The Hobbit actors), nor have I read any of his parody books.   451 more words


Stephen Colbert: 'I woke up yesterday and my Tesla could drive itself' [Video]

Stephen Colbert, on his popular Late Nite television show, discussed the Tesla V7 software update and the ability of the car to “drive itself”. Colbert noted driving… 83 more words


What Excites Me

She was a justifiably angry soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend trying her best to prove my immaturity and inauthenticity to both of us. Her cat stared up at me, afraid as always I would dive across the carpet to grab him. 925 more words

Taylor Reinhart

The world will end when?

Stephen Colbert was making fun of a group of Christians who were setting dates as to when the earth would end. Unfortunately, this has become so ridiculous I don’t blame him for laughing at yet another group that stated the world would end October 7th or 8th. 1,401 more words


Missing the Point: Activists Attacking Parody and Satire

– by The Shitty Activist
Activists all too often get the reputation of being humorless malcontents taking themselves far too seriously, compelled to complain about something – anything! 1,084 more words


#TBT - Harry Potter (in other things)

[“BLA and GB Gabbler” (really just a pen name – singular) are the Editor and Narrator behind THE AUTOMATION, vol. 1 of the Circo del Herrero series. 17 more words