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Many years ago, we frequented an Irish pub, which, unlike many so-called “Irish” pubs was the real deal, staffed and run by, well, Irish people. 526 more words



Hot, creamy mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. The Irish have a very ingenious way of making this dish even better by mixing tender cooked cabbage or kale into the mashed potatoes, resulting in a dish called Colcannon. 318 more words

Vegan Comfort Food

Beef Guiness Stew and Colcannon – Heaven on a plate

When the weather is cold there is nothing I like better than comforting stew. And if there is beer in it, then so much the better. 548 more words



I have made colcannon before, but it wasn’t as good as this recipe! This does take a little bit of time, since you have to boil the cabbage for a while, then boil the potatoes, but it’s worth it. 148 more words


Chipolatas in Apple Gravy with Parsnip Colcannon

On 30th January 2015, This was Dinner

My cousin Charlotte was coming to visit and I didn’t want to make a chilli again trying to find another way to serve it up. 278 more words


Food Review: Colcannon (Irish)

Meaning “white-headed cabbage”, Colcannon is also known to be Irish’s national dish. Its key ingredients consists of mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage – with spring onions, milk, butter, salt, pepper and scallions to complete the recipe.. 116 more words


Sunday Comfort Food

Most meals at this house are fridge to table in 30 minutes or less.  It is out of sheer desperation for lack of prep time that I have read about, implemented and even come up with my own time hacks. 574 more words