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Rumbledethumps (?!)... with White Hungarian Wine

Pairing:  Rumbledethumps Paired with 2011 Patricius Tokaj Hárslevelü

Food:  Rumbledethumps … sounds like something used on roads to slow cars down! But, no … it’s an old Scottish dish similar to Irish “Colcannon” or English “Bubble and Squeak”.   321 more words

Pairing Wine With Home-made Meals


This post is rather late as Halloween was a couple of days ago but I have been busy and getting time to do a proper post is getting more and more difficult. 528 more words

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Fully Loaded Vegan Colcannon

Week One: Treat Yourself (and others)!

Treat yourself… to mashed potatoes for dinner!

If you’re anything like me, you relish any opportunity to chow down on mashed potatoes. 528 more words


Dinner with Colour

Hey All!

Lately I’ve been attempting to do more of my shopping locally as I think its important to support local producers where possible. I (personally) find that the produce I’ve picked up from local farmers is better quality, and tastes more natural than some of the stuff at the store. 451 more words

Homemaking On Howard

Concocting Colcannon

Before the destruction of the potato crop, the Kilmartin family in Liam O’Flaherty’s Famine ate potatoes and milk for their meals.  I tried to replicate the recipe, and discovered Colcannon, an Irish potato favorite.   60 more words

"Victuals" by Ronni Lundy

I had no idea that “Victuals” is pronounced vidls or “vittles”.  This is what my husband  affectionately calls “eats” so I found it quite endearing that the cookbook I just received was named as such. 614 more words

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Karl’s Leftovers: Corn Beef Hash

When I make my Sunday meals, I usually make enough for one to three leftover meals. Sometimes this means just the same meal again. Other times I use whatever is left over as the basis for a new dish. 416 more words