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Cryptopsy + Jøtnarr + A Bribe For The Ferryman 

(Apologies for poor picture quality, had to use phone camera instead)

Colchester Arts Centre is a quirky little venue, and a regular spot for all genres of music and arts. 622 more words


Explain The Shrewd Idiot

Who is   ?

Why is it The Shrewd Idiot?

Well it were a toss up between that and The Wise Fool. Shrewd- astute, penetrating, artful and crafty- (I tink) shrewd entails ‘wise’ altho that in fact in the definition relates to money… The Shrewd Idiot aka Pete Kennedy is (or was) that- an Idiot in a lot of his habits BUT he always knew there was a wise part in the mix because he had conversed with it on occasion; in lucid moments. 1,469 more words

Artist's Books

Colchester Winter Ale Festival 2017 - A Brief Review

This was my third year in a row attending this well organised festival. In fact, in terms of a review you could read my 2016… 232 more words


The Horne Section, Colchester Arts Centre - 22/11/2016

The Horne Section is a musical comedy act which centres on five musicians, plus main man Alex Horne. It revolves around making jokes out of both familiar tracks and new ones written by the members of the Horne Section. 344 more words


342843DavidBowie LADA Workshop

342843DavidBowie is the name of minor planet (asteroid) from the outer region of the asteroid belt, approximately 2 kilometres in diameter, 342843 DavidBowie 2008YN3 is still flying around up there, and will be for billions of years! 1,908 more words

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