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Warm Colors for a Cold, White Season: GBBD, February 2017

February is typically the coldest and snowiest month in Maine, and it can easily seem like the longest month of the year. After an unusually warm January, I was feeling a bit complacent about this winter, but that changed with the arrival of February. 251 more words


Tremble in the cold

Living in a cold climate country, it’s obvious other people who comes to visit think it’s always like that. This winter it’s been quite mild actually. 575 more words

Writing Challenges

Cold Thoughts

Bone chilling wind, frost bite on my hands, smell of a giant freezer, exhaling smoke, my mind numb, these are the thoughts that come to my mind when in Europe or North America. 247 more words


Well, I missed a whole season...

I am back! Back in November, I started my first real adult job in the real adult world. After a few months of teaching the tiny humans I am finally getting into the groove of it all (with two months left to spare). 146 more words

BAGUIO (an introduction)

I have always dreamt of going to Baguio. The cold climate was the real deal of this place because  it is the only city in the Philippines where you can experience such climate. 106 more words


Dahlias (A to Z Challenge)

These are my favorite flowers in a garden or bouquet and the prettiest Dahlias in my opinion are the purple ones.  The purple flowers are tied to royalty, pride, success, accomplishment and admiration. 411 more words

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