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Don't let me freeze

The air temperature at higher altitudes tends to be below freezing, thus there is a risk that the batteries in the payload won’t operate effectively. Batteries in cold climates are know to have a higher resistance and will usually become flat very quickly. 148 more words


Growing By Leaps and Bounds

It is hard to believe that there were still patches of snow in my garden only three weeks ago. In the weeks since, we have had warm weather and sunshine, and plants have been growing by leaps and bounds. 295 more words


Ice Out!

May brought the true arrival of spring in Maine. On May 1, the last of the ice and snow banks disappeared from my garden. By Friday morning, the mountain of snow by my front porch had dwindled to this… 148 more words


Penguins live someplace colder than Minnesota

Why do they do it?

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Everybody's City by Ivan Gavrilov

National stage III prize: Residential Function in Cold Climate – Astana post-EXPO development competition

Competition by ISOVER // Saint-Gobain


A Welcome Bloom: GBBD, April 2015

I am a day late posting for bloom day because I just got home yesterday after a week and a half away. What a difference ten days can make at this time of year! 193 more words


New Growth!

It’s no joke! I have new growth showing in my garden. Although there are still some large snow piles in parts of the garden, like the north-facing deck border. 124 more words