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A Mild November: GBBD, November 2015

November in Maine has a well-deserved reputation as the least desirable month of the year. It is typically cold, wet and raw. Last year, I wrote that… 383 more words


An Autumnal Spring..

Well it seems I disappeared or at least the past month did.. Wow, that went fast!

Life has been full here on the tablelands and Spring has been much more like Autumn this year, except for the notable additions of new baby birds, learning to fly and new little faces of the calves around about. 118 more words


More on tomatoes in a cooler climate..

After doing some much needed research about growing tomatoes in a cooler climate, I now realise I’ve set myself a difficult task… but I really want to try this to see how I go… 113 more words


Tomatoes in a cooler climate..

I’ve grown tomatoes for years and I love doing it.. there’s nothing quite as nice as a freshly picked home grown tomato.

However.. moving to the tablelands a few years ago has really tried my tomato growing skills and so far, I haven’t grown one crop.  271 more words


Vegan Sushi

One of my favourite foods to make/eat is sushi. Vegan sushi is especially easy as it only requires a sushi mat, nori, rice and veggies. It can be a bit of a challenge to find nori in a small town, however, if I have great trouble finding it, there is the option to order it online. 187 more words


Green Smoothie...

I once proclaimed that I would never eat anything mushy and green. I also used to vehemently hate smoothies for a number of reasons that I would then proceed to list off to anyone who would listen (I also have a list for mushrooms, but we will save that for another time). 190 more words


Becoming vegan...

Sometimes when people hear the word vegan, they take a sharp left and veer the other way. To be honest, a couple of months ago the same red flags would fly for me if the idea of veganism was brought up. 384 more words