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Know How to Select an Air Source Heat Pump for Your Use

An air-source heat pump can efficiently control the heating and cooling needs of your home. When professionally installed, it can be the source of 1.5 to 3 times more heat energy for your home than the actual amount of electrical energy it requires for domestic hot water, space heating or pool/hot tub heating. 618 more words

Air Source Heat Pump


Teachers: Looking for something motivational for students coming back from vacation?

Writers: Need a quick prompt?

Read this poem by John Updike. Then consider the questions that follow, use Updike’s poem as a mentor text and write your own reflection on January. 128 more words


but who's Johnston?

Johnston Canyon is a popular tourist attraction in Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park. In the summer, it’s an easy hiking trail with views of waterfalls, tunnels, and pools. 304 more words


what is áætlun?

What counts as travelling when you were born outside of the country you grew up in?

I think the first time I really experienced travel was just 4 years ago. 222 more words


Why You Should Use Arctic Series Cold Climate Heat Pumps?

If you are residing in the Canada or Northern America and renovating or building a home, then the utmost care should be taken in selecting HVAC equipment which will help you enjoy living in your home and save a lot on your utility costs. 619 more words

Air Source Heat Pump

Living in a "Hot Climate"

Yes, I’m living where the average high for the day is around 81 or 82 degrees and the average low is 65 degrees with lots of humidity, but I am also living where the population can be described as a “hot climate” culture. 856 more words


Top Things to Know about Hydronic Heat Pump

These days, people in North America are switching to air source heat pumps to enjoy the same benefits of using conventional gas or electric heating systems without increasing the carbon foot print. 516 more words

Air Source Heat Pump