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Creamy Delish Tiramisu - LCHF

Continuing with my change to a Low Carb High Fat way of eating, and all the health benefits that have come with it, I wanted to make a Tiramisu for our dessert.   280 more words


LCHF Trifle with Creme Anglaise

As I continue with the LCHF  way of eating I am faced with the ongoing challenge of how to provide traditional fare that meets my dietary food choices. 566 more words

The Recipes

Espresso panna cotta

This dessert is for coffee lovers only.  I love coffee and I love panna cotta so this dessert is definitely for me.  It is my idea of heaven. 682 more words

Sweet Things

Ginataang Mais With Vermicelli Kheer

Ginataang Mais is a  quick and simple Filipino dessert and snack made from whole kernel corn and coconut milk. It only takes less than 25 minutes to prepare. 201 more words


Desserts - Peanut Butter Pie

After the last four years of a gypsy lifestyle, you would think I would know a thing or two about travelling light. And while it’s true I can now pack a suitcase sparingly, there are some things I just can’t do without. 815 more words

Desserts - Cold

your summer just got better, because: kulfisicles!

200 grams labneh

1/4 cup yoghurt

3/4 – 1  cup mango pulp

1/4 cup pistachio, crushed

Sugar to taste

1 teaspoon kewra or orange blossom water… 134 more words


Creme Brulee Tarts

I tested my patience and baking skills with this one. I started making these 3 days ago, made 2 unsuccessful attempts at making the tarts with home made pastry dough and managed to make proper looking tarts at 3rd attempt finally. 458 more words

Party Desserts