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LCHF - Chocolate Cream Pie

Going low carb means cutting out sugars of all forms including honey, maple syrup etc.  Many people switch to artifical sweetners but I have an aversion to them….so its no added sweetness.   457 more words


مهلبية الشوكولاتة والقهوة بالهيل

تعتبر المهلبية من اشهر الحلويات العربية التقليدية والتي تقدم صيفا وشتاءا…في صيف رمضان الحار قدمي المهلبية بطعم عربي جديد…بالقهوة والهيل والشوكولاتة…طعم سيرضي جيع افراد العائلة…


Strawberry Shortcake with Maine Strawberries

This past weekend my husband was away on a business trip. Rather than sit at home and pine away for him, I decided to take myself and the kitties on a little vacation. 453 more words

4th Of July

Butter Cream Sweet Potato Bars With Cashew Nuts

These Sweet Potato bars remind me my childhood days. My mother and my older sister love to bake this kind of snacks or dessert. They called it-  Moledo , they simply mashed the cooked Camote with margarine and brown sugar. 56 more words


Pan Seared Butter Cinnamon Banana In Butter Gelato

One of my favorite desserts during summer season. I love  banana with gelato. It’s easy to prepare In a large saute pan over medium heat, add butter and melt. 25 more words


Golden syrup ANZAC cheesecake

This rich, golden syrup-topped cheesecake is a salute to the tradition of the ANZAC biscuit as we mark the centenary of WWI.

You will need to start this recipe the day before you plan to eat it. 318 more words


Vanilla Gelato Cookies Sandwich With Whole Hazelnut Chocolate


Fresh Baked Cookies

Vanilla Gelato

Chopped/Shredded Whole Hazelnut Chocolate

  1. Bake  flat favorite cookies – almond, raisins, chocolate , oatmeal or what ever you want. Then cut into the same sizes.
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