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Keep Your Concern

Pass me on the streets.
Do not say a word.
With the multitude of the crowd,
It would never come to be heard.

Do not say you care for me. 93 more words


The Night We Met

We met somewhere like two strangers.

The strangers who were walking their own way. No crossroads would have stopped their journey nor any invading force. They were determined with fire running through their veins. 343 more words


Undesirable Desires

The rain tickled down the window panes. The blurred outlines of the trees were barely visible. And the horizon has disappeared completly. 

She sat beside the window and observed each and every drop sliding down the glass and wondered,  753 more words



Darkness surrounds me when everything comes back, the flashbacks especially and i scream as the hands comes closer and when i hear the evil laughter, i scream so loud but NO, i can’t even hear my own voice. 84 more words

A Decade Ago...

She folded her hands and bowed infront of the torn picture of Lord Shiva.

This has been a routine for the last ten years and also, for the upcoming decade. 523 more words


Cold Hearted

I’m no more lifeless

As I swallow my pride I’m now priceless

Check your price list-

You couldn’t pay to wife this

Cold hearts- cutting ties- like you’re isis… 11 more words


Last chapter

Dark nights and shadowed days
each day awakened by inner demons
demons play trumpets for me to dance
I put on a solid mask to fence my ripped pieces… 33 more words