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Throwback Thursday Video: 'Cold Hearted' By Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” album came out in the fall of 1988, but it didn’t become a huge hit until almost a year later. 73 more words



When my PTSD is getting the best of me, this is how I feel:

I don’t care about dying. Sometimes I feel like that’s the best thing for me. 98 more words


Time lapse

Things never change in this family. Parents will always be bitter and spiteful; it’s truly sad. My therapist urges me to get away from this environment, and I wish I could. 301 more words

Senryu 15

In the aftermath
blood soaked tarmac, can’t you help —
ghouls record stories


Tanka 1

Naive little man
I ask you why not answer
turning you whisper —
I suppose the ice will melt
when summer comes calling


The Best of Paula Abdul: 1988-1991

I grew up listening to Paula Abdul. Good times.

“Straight Up” is such a great song from Forever Your Girl.

How many “Cold Hearted” snakes have I met? 30 more words


I had no choice but to erase you from my physical life. Pictures, conversations, items… you deleted me from yours and it just angers me beyond the point of forgiveness. 50 more words