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Walking Disaster

I look in the mirror only to hear your words

Seeing a distorted reflection from the aftermath of shattered love

Mindless glances from being engulfed in depression… 172 more words


Boulevard of Broken Realities (MeTalk #15)

Today, while walking to college all by my lonesome, I had a thought. I’ve often lamented that most people don’t get how I may prefer to be on my own. 1,215 more words


Burning Desire (Ice Cold)

I’ve known my enemies longer
Than I’ve known my friends
And without this enmity
I’d be left hollowed out, empty hearted.
© 2016 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved. 12 more words


Help Me Out Here... 

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We have all seen flood and tsunami movies, right? So, here’s my question– you see a wave or tsunami coming at you. The wave is anywhere between 50ft-500ft tall. 45 more words

Black and Blue

​I woke up black and blue

Bruised with the passion of me loving you
Bruised with the belief that you loved me too.

I woke up black and blue… 39 more words


Don't care - poem

Perhaps I just don’t give a damn,

perhaps I just don’t care,

perhaps I am cold-hearted,

perhaps I just am,

so what if I don’t give a damn? 142 more words


Not a Lover

I’m posting on the “improved editor” it’s so bright I feel like I could die any moment from over light exposure. My conversations with my father has turned back to being… more normal thankfully. 1,316 more words