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It’s Warm Out, And What That Means For You And Your Cold Hearted Family

Heat is on the rise. But what does that mean for you, the kids, and your wife, Debra?

This summer is going to be a big one. 322 more words


The darkness brings the cold with it, and all the blankets in the world couldn’t keep my chattering heart warm. I am frozen. Ice in my veins, in my chest, in my head. 112 more words

Am I Cold hearted Or Am I Real/Honest

I was on the phone with babe and he was asking me some questions and I guess that my answers shocked him because he was asking me if I would ever date/be with a guy that’s special needs or disabled and I was very honest when I said NO I wouldn’t. 228 more words



His heart is as cold as ice
I try my best to cave through but everything freezes.

Let me in! I beg.

His heart; consumed with fear, 104 more words


Not Your Notch, Nor Yours, Nope, No Luck

Every shithead, upon seeing I am no easy notch, decides he should “become my friend” and, of all methods, by laughing “with” me at the many “fools” who got shot down. 251 more words

Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat



​”Others speak, of how indifferent you are

But they know not what’s true

Or of what you’ve been through.

All they see is a cold exterior… 248 more words


{Release Blitz} Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted by Winter Renshaw


I wish I could say our meeting was happenstance.

I wish I could say we took one look and we just knew. 650 more words

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