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Cold-hearted Bitch

I still remember the time you held my hand,
And told me everything’s going to be alright.
That I don’t have to be scared nor worried with our reality, 168 more words


Whose Truth Is It Anyway?

The truth is relative and depends on your perspective. As humans, we like to think that truth and fact are objective and definite. In actuality, there are multiple truths, not one clear truth. 883 more words

My Soundtrack

Trump Rosetta Translator for "Women are dumb as rocks":

Trump Rosetta Translator:

“Women are dumb as rocks”


“I have a heart of stone”

Know what a heart of stone is in literature, movies, symbolism, and metaphor? 283 more words

Video Review: Paula Abdul "Cold Hearted"

At about 9:45 am at the rehearsal studio, which is noted on the screen, the record executives walk in, talking about the space. One male executive states it’s not going to be used for the video. 530 more words

Music Video

Good Hearts Fall Apart

It’s getting increasingly harder for me to live life with such a big heart. For some reason people get a high off of taking a proverbial sledge hammer to it. 341 more words

Welcome To My World

It’s Warm Out, And What That Means For You And Your Cold Hearted Family

Heat is on the rise. But what does that mean for you, the kids, and your wife, Debra?

This summer is going to be a big one. 322 more words


The darkness brings the cold with it, and all the blankets in the world couldn’t keep my chattering heart warm. I am frozen. Ice in my veins, in my chest, in my head. 112 more words