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A Decade Ago...

She folded her hands and bowed infront of the torn picture of Lord Shiva.
This has been a routine for the last ten years and also, for the upcoming decade. 523 more words


Cold Hearted

I’m no more lifeless

As I swallow my pride I’m now priceless

Check your price list-

You couldn’t pay to wife this

Cold hearts- cutting ties- like you’re isis… 11 more words


Last chapter

Dark nights and shadowed days
each day awakened by inner demons
demons play trumpets for me to dance
I put on a solid mask to fence my ripped pieces… 33 more words


Destination: Begining

What happens when you reach your destiny?
Does everything you know end right at that very moment?

Maybe its a miracle that we get to experience death. 235 more words


Pursuit of the Soul

Was it just mere accident?

Or it was decided beforehand?

She felt lonely, but the mere accident or pre-decided fate has rendered her speechless. She couldn’t cry nor shout out in anguish and every time, she opened her mouth it was forced shut. 252 more words


Final Masquerade

You were deceitful as well as cunning, yet every time, we thought destiny was in our hands, the false illusion you presented captivated us and helped us masquerade our feelings to betray ourselves. 137 more words


You're old hat.

You’re old hat.


More respect than that I offered.

Two dishes, a whole meal. I opened my coffers and you spewed a pointless waste, an offer of two tastes which dictate the trust I misplaced. 84 more words