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He lies; he cheats
He robs and steals
He hides it well

I’d never have guessed

He slaps; he wounds
He attacks and maligns
No thought for another… 55 more words


Waxed Cold

Here is a comment sent to me by a good friend in response to yesterday’s Morning Thought.

It’s harder than ever to reach people for Christ. 218 more words

Morning Thought With Pastor Tim

Liberal City Trying To Relocate Homeless To “Camp” At City Dump

One of American’s most liberal cities – and Barack Obama’s hometown – is trying to eliminate their homeless problem by forcing people to live in the city dump. 29 more words


Walking Reptile

There are times when I am physically present, but not emotionally involved. Let’s say, during lunch today, I was there laughing with my colleagues, interchanging stories wit each other, but I seem to not digest what they were saying. 163 more words

Read head puppet master

Can’t really say I thought this one through that much. I started drawing a puppet with red hair and this abomination came to fruition! #IwonderWhatFreudWouldSay

Hisame Artwork

The Me In Your Eyes

I need another minute. Just wait a second. To hold a colloquy, one with me, myself, and I. You’ve accused me of being a chronic heart-breaker. 154 more words