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Walking Reptile

There are times when I am physically present, but not emotionally involved. Let’s say, during lunch today, I was there laughing with my colleagues, interchanging stories wit each other, but I seem to not digest what they were saying. 163 more words

Read head puppet master

Can’t really say I thought this one through that much. I started drawing a puppet with red hair and this abomination came to fruition! #IwonderWhatFreudWouldSay

Hisame Artwork

The Me In Your Eyes

I need another minute. Just wait a second. To hold a colloquy, one with me, myself, and I. You’ve accused me of being a chronic heart-breaker. 154 more words

The Nerve...

Today I witnessed an act that not only took a lot of nerve, but also required the person that performed the act to be a cold hearted bitch. 224 more words


Mysterious Musical Mind

The best music comes from the most mysterious people

They are unpredictable, can be good or evil.

They may hide a lot, not talk as much, 153 more words



Life can be so cruel with people who don’t care so much.

No respect for elders, no gathering at the table for lunch.

No villages raising children, 107 more words



You told me I changed.

Its something about me, my hair, maybe one has been rearranged?

You say my light is slowly dripping away and my smile is gone. 267 more words