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On Tuesday of last week, I started having a bad sore throat. This was accompanied with a slight headache and fever, and a general bad feeling. 353 more words

Two-third Of The World Population Has Herpes

More than 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 — about 67 percent of the global population — are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), according to a new report from the World Health Organization. 63 more words

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Two-thirds of global population is infected with herpes virus, WHO report says

It’s almost everywhere. According to a new report issued by the World Health Organization, some 3.7 billion people around the world — under the age of 50 — are infected with the herpes virus that causes cold sores around the mouth. 124 more words

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Good chance you have herpes, says WHO

Approximately two-thirds of people under the age of 50 have herpes, according to World Health Organization estimates.

It’s the first time the WHO has estimated the global prevalence of the infection. 340 more words


How to prevent & get rid of cold sores!

Cold sores can be caused by numerous things like stress, exhaustion, over-exposure to the sun, being on your period etc..

Not only are they annoying and gross, they can also take up to a week to get rid of. 243 more words


All Natural Cold Sore Solutions; Herbal Home-Made Remedy

Cold sores are uncomfortable and can really ruin an otherwise nice day. While there are over the counter remedies for cold sores, there are also some home remedies that work wonders. 306 more words

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Aloe Vera Gelly

This is a first aid kit in a tube for every home, every handbag, every suitcase and everything inbetween. This Gelly is the closest to the living Aloe Vera plant and is essentially identical to the inner leaf. 217 more words

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