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Cold Sores

Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are tiny fluid-filled blisters that generally form a cluster, usually at the edge of the bottom lip. Before the blisters appear, one may feel itching, tingling, or burning in the area. 364 more words


Common Causes For Cold Sores - How To Treat Herpes

Common Causes For Cold Sores –

If you are experiencing oral herpes ailment then you might evole the signs & symptoms of it or you may not evolve any varieties of indications and symptoms. 404 more words

Stress and Your Teeth

We all feel a little stressed sometimes. But did you know that excess stress can affect your teeth and gums? From mouth sores to tooth grinding or even gum disease, stress can cause some serious oral health problems. 256 more words

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My wife had stereotactic radiosurgery

The computer would focus the beam,

And I would doze, perchance I would dream.

And turn after turn

The tumor would burn

Ramsay Hunt wasn’t part of the scheme.  588 more words

Who Knew???

I hate when interesting things come up on the rotating AOL news feed! Because it takes so long to read it and get to the point but every now and then I can’t resist clicking on an interesting topic. 186 more words

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