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COLD SORE HELP: Skin Shop - Liquorice Balm and Liquorice & Melissa Lip Gel

Cold sores are unsightly and they can really hurt! Unfortunately, once you’ve become infected with the cold sore virus, you’re stuck with it for life. 806 more words


Best Cold Sore Treatment EVER!

Nasty things, aren’t they?  They hurt, they look bad and they take ages to heal.  For those of us afflicted with cold sores we’d do anything to make them heal faster. 320 more words


Cold Sore Treatment

I’ve been suffering from cold sore outbreaks since I was a little girl. Cold sores are very uncomfortable and unattractive. You’ve seen the commercials where the person with an outbreak is embarrassed and wants to hide. 311 more words


Coldsore Catastrophe - this may be a little TMI

I must be really run down; I haven’t suffered from this many coldsores and migraines since I was a teenager. I have so many lovely new lipsticks I want to wear, but the only thing going near my lips right now is Zovirax… 1,070 more words


The Beauty of Lavender Oil

1. Treat cold sores

Remember hearing about the “medicine man” that roamed through cities and towns hawking a “miracle cure”? He sometimes called the unknown potion “snake oil” or some other mysterious name. 314 more words



The very first symptoms of cold sores might include pain on the lips and around your mouth, a sore throat, fever and even swollen glands in the neck or other parts of the body. 504 more words



Cold sores are sometimes referred to as fever blisters since they form small groups of blisters around the mouth as well as on the lips. The skin surrounding the blisters often becomes swollen, red, and feels sore.  497 more words