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Cucumber: gazpacho's secret weapon?

You really can’t blame anyone for immediately thinking of tomatoes when somebody mentions one of Spain’s most beloved cold soups, gazpacho

However, there’s another delicious Spanish vegetable that has its part to play in this refreshing and insanely popular soup: cucumber! 90 more words

Spanish Foods

Tomato & Paprika sauce

Well hello there, fellow food lovers! I am currently in my sister’s home in Poland and since the vegan options in normal stores aren’t great, I improvised a sauce/cold soup that was so good I just had to share it with whom ever reads this blog. 225 more words


SOUPE AU PARADIS (Recipes Found!)

I have been reorganizing my books, and in particular, cookbooks.  It is not a small task and I am only about halfway through the process.  My hope is that I can actually find what I am looking for…when I am looking for it!   154 more words


Almond and pineapple cold soup (ajo blanco de piña)

This is a summer recipe. It is actually based on the original gazpacho recipe, the “ajo blanco” which is an almond, garlic, bread and vinegar cold soup. 272 more words


Beet and Blueberry Soup

This is a versatile little recipe to have! Seriously, the favour will blow you away! Totally nourishing and very simple. The inspiration came from a smoothie recipe on the… 472 more words


Avocado Cucumber Soup

This isn’t exactly the time of year one would normally think of having a cold soup, at least not in the hemisphere where I live, but then, I never did claim to be normal. 333 more words


Holodnik Soup (холодник из свеклы)

In the world of cold soups, Russia seems to punch above it’s weight in contribution. Gazpacho is probably the most famous Italian cold soup most of us have heard of, but there are many different Russian cold soups.  479 more words