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شوربة البازيلا والنعنع

يهّل علينا شهر الصوم هذا العام في فصل الصيف في معظم دولنا العربية، وجرت العادة على تقديم الشوربة الساخنة على موائد الإفطار. وصفتتا لليوم خضراء، صحية ومنعشة… تقدم إما ساخنة أو باردة بعد صوم يوم طويل وحار… تقبل الله صيامكم وقيامكم


Heatwave? Chill out with cool veg

With the soaring and record temperatures do pick up your veg as soon as possible. In particular, sorrel is super perishable, and usually won’t last past a day or two even in the fridge. 509 more words


Salmorejo, Gazpacho, and Summer

I like to use as much fresh produce as possible in all my meals. This summer I have become fascinated with cold soups. I have been a fan of gazpacho forever, and have tried small variations on that theme. 377 more words



Creamy Cucumber Soup | Ice Cream (or Sorbet) with Berry Sauce & Shortbread Cookies

It’s Friday. Also it is hot. How about dinner that doesn’t require much, if any, hot cooking? 349 more words

Dinner Ideas

Cold Summer Zucchini Soup

With Summer officially arriving, it´s definitely time for cold soups. I never tried cold soups till I got to Spain, but they are fantastic for a light dinner or entre on a balmy summer evening. 133 more words

Egg Free

Chilled Cherry Soup

One of our farmer’s market scores this past weekend was a basket of sour cherries from one of the local organic vendors. The Hippie Husband’s first inclination was towards cherry pie, but he consented to trying something a little less sugary and a little more intriguing. 161 more words


Hot Day? Cold Soup!

A few days ago I tried making my first soup out of The Plantpower Way cookbook. I made the cold heirloom tomato soup, since it was both incredibly simple to make and the temperature in Salt Lake has been soaring lately in the 90’s, so anything with “cold” in the title sounds automatically appealing. 376 more words

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