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Is the elimination of nuclear weapons possible? Is it desirable? 5/6/2015

Throughout the second half of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty-first centuries there has been constant debate concerning the desirability and the possibility of eliminating nuclear weapons globally. 3,326 more words

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Vanished resurrects Cold War era anxieties

Vanished is a Cold War era political thriller that will sound familiar to readers who grew up in that era.

White House Press Secretary Eugene Culligan relates the events. 191 more words


Superheroes and conspiracy theories

I need to stop wasting my time on bizarre, conspiracy-theory web sites. But, somehow, whenever I start looking into a Stanley Kubrick film, I keep on reading until I have gone down the rabbit hole of the-moon-landing-was-faked, or MK-ULTRA and Monarch, or something equally strange. 1,047 more words

Jesus Christ

Geopolitics is only a Fancy Shmancy Word for Tribalism

During the Cold War many intellectuals and even honest leaders like Margarete Thatcher believed East (E) and West (W) were fighting over Socialism or freedom. With Gorbachev and his diplomatic genius the ice appeared to melt, the Berlin Wall came down, a future of freedom and prosperity was awaiting Eastern Europe. 527 more words


Maybe we should become Allies with Russia. End the Cold War and learn how to do business together.

What if Trump’s right? What if all this anti-Russian panic is absurd? Why don’t we stop with all the fear and loathing an let Exxon Mobil drill for oil in Siberia? 233 more words

The Hungarian...A Sneak Peek of My New Historical Thriller

This coming Tuesday – that’s July 25th – I’ve got a great beach read coming your way.

It’s titled, The Hungarian, and the best, though not least cumbersome way to describe it is to say it’s a historical spy thriller with elements of noir and a ghostly twist. 889 more words

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Canyon of the Moon

Travis Fox rode his horse down the arroyo at the edge of his Father’s land, except he was dead so it was his land now. Try convincing his Uncle Wendell of that, though. 1,513 more words

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