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Russia warns of new Cold War as east Ukraine violence surges

By Reuters – Feb 13,2016 – JORDAN TIMES

A man walks past the debris of a passenger minibus after it hit a mine near Marinka on Wednesday (AFP photo) 583 more words


Breaking down the new Cold War

If the world is indeed sliding into a new Cold War as Russian Prime Minister Medvedev says, then it’s worth noting that this is not going to be your grandfather’s Cold War and the response should be adjusted accordingly. 770 more words


Cold War Spy Story

Grafenwoehr Vilseck Base, Federal Republic of Germany December 1984, V Corps HQ, U.S. Army Europe Extreme Cold War era

“Lieutenant Botendaddy, you fat f&ck! You sicken me. 873 more words


Destination Unknown

A unique work by Agatha Christie published November 1, 1954. What is relevant to readers today is a view of the cold war socioeconomic era when various political platforms were vying for attention and support on the world stage. 331 more words

Recommended Reading

Book review: Leaving Berlin

Leaving Berlin is set in Berlin during the time of the Berlin airlift. Alex Meier, a writer, has returned home following the war and is working for the CIA in an attempt to help him in his case in America to secure access to see his child. 146 more words


When Ignorance Isn’t Bliss: The Truth About the Diamond Industry

By Cortland Pfeffer | Waking Times

“For every finger to receive a ring, another finger must pull a trigger.”

We all know the story.

The man gets down on one knee, grabs hold of the girl’s hand and she covers her mouth as she is overtaken by emotions. 4,059 more words


Cold War Politics: Will Britain stop playing?

As Britain comes under increasing pressure from the United States to renew Trident – its costly nuclear submarine program to keep face amidst Cold War-style deterrence tactics, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has… 13 more words