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Why the Fuck Is No One Talking About Nukes?

Alexander Zaitchik writes for VICE:

[…] Why is it so hard to talk about nuclear weapons the way we did 30 years ago?

For starters, nuclear weapons have always been synonyms for death, and people don’t like thinking about death. 230 more words


The Sins of the Father Shall Not Be Visited on the Son

Just down the road from the Manhan River Reservoir and across from the back side of a public driving range in Easthampton, Massachusetts is a sprawling red-brick structure that began its life more than 100 years ago as a textile mill. 3,539 more words


#AtoZChallenge - We Didn't Start the Fire from A to Z: U-2 (A.K.A. Bridge of Spies)



On September 27, 1989, the iconic song by Billy Joel,  We Didn’t Start the Fire hit the airwaves.  310 more words


Class - 4/21/17

If you missed class yesterday, please watch this video that we view in class. The homework for this weekend is to write a reflection on the following: what did you think of the clip? 17 more words

Cold War Movie Suggestions

We just started studying the Cold War, and I recommend you check out at least one of these movies! Extra credit for writing about it! 6 more words

From "Allies" to Enemies...

I. What were the conditions and factors that transformed the WWII allies into enemies of the Cold War?

The year is 1917. An armored train has left Zurich’s main train station. 1,947 more words

Episode 7: Bridge of Spies


Below is the link to the US Supreme Court’s record of the US vs Abel. The whole document is quite a daunting read but if you skip to page 362 US 242 you will begin with Justice Douglas’ dissenting statement (dissenting from the verdict) followed by Justice Brennan’s and Justice Black’s and they are well worth a read. 29 more words