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China Watching masterclass with Francis James

In November 1969 Australian Francis James was last seen in China, trying unsuccessfully to cross the border back into Hong Kong. For three years there was no word on his whereabouts although it was widely assumed he was being held by the Chinese. 1,063 more words

Hong Kong Deadline

Red Odyssey: Phantom Phoenix

The Red Odyssey series is a collection of short stories set in an alternate timeline in which the Cold War between East and West never ended and the situation only worsened.

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Amateur Fiction

Outlaws Inc. By Matt Potter :- Review

Its sorcery in midair, ex-Soviet, battle hardened, vodka guzzling pilots living on both sides of the law that their life now is nothing but vapours. Mixed with survival instinct, experience and something more than courage, these men carrying weights beyond the flying capacity of their old IL76 and Antonovs held together with duct tape, nose dive into battle wrecked zone, often dodging RPGs only to deliver goods for NGOs, relief organisations, private businessmen, warlords, rebels, defense ministries of world governments and even for the UN at the same time. 68 more words


Review: Peter Anthony's 'The Man Who Saved the World'

First published at: http://channelhopping.onthebox.com/2015/04/23/the-man-who-saved-the-world/

Nuclear disarmament is a hot topic right now. Although Peter Anthony’s new docufiction film,The Man Who Saved the World won’t be released in UK cinemas until after the election, the timing is still very relevant for British politics. 777 more words


"Falling in Love" in the Archive

This year I’ve been working as the Graduate Assistant to the Center for the Study of Humanities, Culture, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Boston. 1,462 more words


Through KGB Eyes: Washington, DC

In his memoirs, KGB First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence) Colonel Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Sokolov gives his impressions of five years, from 1966-1971, serving in the FCD’s Line KR ( 2,267 more words

Foreign Intelligence