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Landscape and story

Outside the hillsides turn dun colored over the course of November, snow lines the edges of gardens, and eaves drip with the lost heat of the old house.  573 more words

Writer's Life

Month of Thanks: Day 28

Day 28: Lotion

This one probably sounds silly to some and the others are going to understand it completely. Lotion is one of those things that I’m extremely grateful for, especially as the colder weather starts to rush in at this time of year. 126 more words


In Here vs Out There

It’s cold now. It happens every year—that one day that it all changes from temperate or mild or even moderate to mitten-wearing, scarf-choking, thick jacket-donning, lined-boot stomping chilly. 1,251 more words

Checklist For Winterizing Your Home

By Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition

Winter disaster scenarios are not something you want to mess with. You could be off grid for days on end with only the food and water present in your home. 625 more words


3 Ways to Unsettle Your Isolation

Reality is setting in. The group texts have cooled off. A few riders pop up every now and then, but face it: the season is over and training should be in full force. 410 more words


Grey skies and cooler days

I did not go out today
the weather was cold and the skies were grey
I stayed inside and found things to do
writing and reading and blogging too. 215 more words


Winter Survival: 3 Ways to Survive Outdoors

By Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition 

Surviving the wilderness in the bitter cold is not for the faint of heart. Record low temperatures could create the need for emergency shelters, especially if you find yourself outdoors and fear exposure. 713 more words