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The Sun...

I’m feeling the cold. When I go outside I feel it gnawing at my bones and the sinew that hold those bones together. It’s not a pleasant feeling but one that comes with living in a part of that world that tilts annoyingly away from the sun for a good portion of the year. 232 more words


revolution of flowers

a woman is a soft flower

even  in bloom she is dying.

a revolution of  exuberance

she gifts her  petals

to the palm of her keeper. 18 more words


What are you thinking?

It’s 30 degrees out, there’s a 1 knot breeze no wind, and you’re out for a sail?

That’s a dedicated sailor right there.

We call them idiots where I come from.

Photo A Day

I'm sick *sneezing noises*

When I’m sick my brain turns to mush.
Like soggy oatmeal, the discrete parts break down into sludge.
My body follows, like a slug.
Crawling, oozing, am I moving? 47 more words

Cold Fingers Warm Heart

I took my gloves off, began to sweat and thus realised that cold fingers do not act like a dog’s tongue – they do not… 259 more words


The Pond Creatures

Some strange and wondrous beings visited our backyard pond in recent days, taking advantage of the unusually cold weather we’d been experiencing.

They disappeared last night, and I doubt I’ll see them again this year.   78 more words