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I Live In Michigan, But I Fell In Love With South Carolina

Michigan is the place where I was the nerdy, awkward new kid, who was bullied ceaselessly throughout middle school, and finally made good friends in high school. 457 more words

Warm Enough to Put the Top Down

I guess collecting grocery buggies in the snow makes a guy/gal too hot for a shirt.

7 Facts About Viruses

(source: About Education)

A virus is an infectious particle that displays characteristics of life and non-life. Viruses are different from plants, animals and… 769 more words

Physical Health

Macro | Fire and water

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By sepidehsoozani

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Never mind

“Never mind… Never mind about what I feel now, what I felt when you just kissed me on the cheek and said good-bye with a smile… As I was walking back to the hotel I felt how empty this strange town is… When I arrived to our city, it felt ¬†empty, too. 278 more words