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Quick Mama, Before the Giant Snowflakes Go Back Up in the Sky!

Oh Mama, those snowflakes are gigantic. I am a snow expert now with the weather this year, and those are the biggest that I have ever seen. 122 more words

Finding the Tropics in Iceland

Sending out last minute messages before we embarked on our first ever Euro trip. I get a message back from Mea saying, “Guess you’d never thought Iceland would be the tropics.” To her I owe thanks for this post title. 112 more words


Who said shoveling had to be boring?

In honor of my first snow day this year, I decided that shoveling needed to be spiced up a little bit. Therefore, I decided to make this half-serious, half-kidding post. 252 more words


Thank's, Obama, for the snow day!

It’s March. By this point, even this winter-obsessed girl has begun to tire of the cold. However, I will always say YES to a snow day! 141 more words


Did You Know? Winter Car Seat Safety

A quick note on comments before you start reading this post.  Since this seems to be a touchy subject and that parents on either side of the discussion can be quite, um, passionate, about their point of view.  1,268 more words


Episode 198: You Know You Are Past It When......

  • You forgot what you did yesterday and it wasn’t due to an over-indulgence of alcohol! I like to keep a diary which I have done for years.
  • 432 more words

Keeping Your Pet Warm (And In Style) In Winter

It’s that bizarre time of year in Iowa again — one day it’s 45 degrees and sunny, and snow is coming down hard the next. Winter is almost over, but we’re not quite out of the woods yet. 722 more words