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Much as Rose wanted to avoid getting cold and cough, she would invariably be sneezing.

May be the pollen or what.. not sure..

One day as she was sneezing.. 126 more words

The Coffee Vending Machine

On the 16th floor of a tall buildingĀ or to be more specific, at an elevation of 77 meters from ground level, when the temperature is kept as low at 21 degree centigrade to protect electronic equipment from destruction, when goosebumps makes all your hairs rise up in attention, when you dream of cosying up inside a soft velvetty quilt, when you pull the zip slider of a pullover all the way up to the top stop and expects it to extend a bit further to cover your goddamn freezing throat, when you slide your left hand under your warm tushies to prevent them from dying like Jack, when you have no option than to leave the right hand to its fate of imminent death, when you feel like you are enduring all this for some numbers that increase every month end in your bank accounts of which you have lost track of, when you feel like an Eskimo living in an igloo – ask me who my best friend is and my answer would be “The Coffee Vending Machine”. 154 more words

Absolutely Utopian

Wriggling Out

Was I insane to believe that you actually loved spending time with me and, actually nodded on to my baseless jokes and obsessions, while you had an eye for something far exciting than us? 200 more words


Yoga for Cough & Cold

Summer season comes to an end and those rain breezes give us coolness and a moment to find happiness and relaxation. But, for people with weak immune system, monsoon season comes with the fear of a cough and cold. 1,163 more words


sorry I'm cold

i love so strongly
i feel it like i’m on drugs
and it’s hitting me extra hard
like love for me is 10x stronger
than the average… 113 more words


week 462 ~ longing for cold

longing for cold
winter appeals
too hot to hold
longing for cold
seasons unfold
not making deals
longing for cold
winter appeals