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Cold shower craze

Why cold shower

p/s. This is not a 30 day challenge thing.

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Cool sculpting

I saw a commercial last night for a weight-loss process called, cool scuplting. Apparently this is a trend that is catching on. The way I understand it is that they freeze fat cells and then when they thaw out they magically break down and vanish. 339 more words


The Big Chill

I was happy to return home last night after a quick business trip involving driving 600+ miles and staying overnight in a place where someone hung themselves. 374 more words


Mock Strength

It’s feathers were tender
And so, so very light
Whiter than bones

They were anything but unbreakable
Carved with utter attention
Out of thin sheets of ice… 22 more words


I know it’s cold,

But my heart is warm enough

For both of us.

Rest your head against my chest

Tomorrow will be ours!


The Daily Haiku - 7th Slow Renga 2

Autumn 2
Falling Autumn leaves,
cold, damp, misty evening fog,
rolling in from sea.

Ā©The Vixen of VersešŸ¦Š, 2020.

[REVIEW] The Museum of My Cells - Rosie: A Sketch// The Hare by Melanie Finn//

It was worth it.
It was all worth it.
At the start, in the middle, in the end – thatā€™s all I REALLY want to say about… 978 more words