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Q “Do you have a bucket list?”
A “This is no longer a date.”

“I’m a little bit dizzy.”
A “Do you mean stupid?”

Q “Would you like to play cards?” 32 more words


Cold Lounging

Lounging on some muskoka chairs in Muskoka.
It is 25 below zero in the sun and the weather is fine…

Photo Of The Week

phetchabun, 9 degrees

Year 2016. “Sometimes we need the fog to remind ourselves that all of life is not black and white.”  Jonathan Lockwood Huie



The Seasons are Changing

Gradual change reminds me of the shifts that occur when winter becomes spring. In February, which is often the coldest month, we know that spring is near, even though winter is colder than it has even been. 425 more words

Snow Day, Sweden

Feeling a bit down due to the polar blast of cold here on the East Coast…until i saw this picture of Sweden from 1918. I guess I feel slightly better now.


Got my arse in gear and went for a run today. As luck would have it, it was pretty darn cold and windy today…yuck! And I thought of a ‘bi-jillion’ reasons not to run – I even procrastinated until after lunch but finally the thought of my running buddies out there in the cold putting in 20 miles made me feel like a real heel. 247 more words


I'll Miss Home a Little

One more day until I start my journey to Land Down Under.  The closer it gets the more I think about what I’m going to miss about the United States and most of all Wisconsin. 323 more words

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