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Song of the Day

I can’t help it but I think that the latest Coldplay album is just the best they produced by now. Basically, I love all their songs – lyrics and all – but this new album is just so special. 441 more words

Song Of The Day

Grown Ups Also Dream of a Popcorn Volcano

With the past few records, Coldplay has been far less cold and much more play.

There are some bands that seem to have just the right song for us, almost tailor-made when we need it most. 130 more words

Rejoice! There's a place where adults can nap during the day

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Have you ever been at work and been so exhausted (or let\u2019s face it, hung-over) that you would give anything for a quiet place to curl up and sleep? 1,853 more words



I am writing this as my car speeds through a thick fog on our way to Multan from Islamabad via Faisalabad. I don’t even think we should be travelling this fast in this fog, but I couldn’t give a shit to be honest. 592 more words

Examine your Digital Footprint- What does it say about you?

I have had a presence on social media since the age of 11. I am active on social media and there is barely a moment in the day where I am not checking my news feeds. 851 more words

Pitiful Playlist

This is when you just need a playlist to cry to.  55 more words