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Music Mondays: Fix You - Coldplay (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

Let me preface this by saying…I have an obsession with Coldplay. I apologize in advance.

“Fix You” is in my top 5 songs of theirs so, what is so amazing about this remix, is that it took a song I adore and took it to a whole new level. 157 more words

The First Step

Yesterday, I posted this song/video and stated I wanted to write a poem to accompany it.  Last night, I put it on repeat and wrote the words as they formed in my thoughts.   133 more words

Musings In The Sand

Specialists in epic indie-pop, Off Colour are looking to ‘Touch Down’ with new Single

With their ready-made, smooth brand of melodic indie pop, Off Colour are a Milton Keynes pair with all the tools to go a long way in 2015. 415 more words



Do you ever feel hurt to the point your chest kind of aches? Not like heart burn or any of that but when it feels like you’re dead inside? 157 more words


Fix You ... or Me?

This song has haunted me for two weeks now.  I have attempted to write a poem inspired by “Fix You”, but my walls won’t allow me … yet.


Shiver - I'll always be waiting for you 

I’ve always loved this song. On my other posts, I bold the parts that hit me the most. For this song it is every, single, word. 487 more words