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Gather your facts first

I’m reading a fantastic book by Jim Robbins called The Wonder of Birds. In it (on pages 124-5) he relates a story that is a lesson on the importance of gathering your facts and thinking through the implications of your actions. 172 more words

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Science-backed study tips

Let’s review some eminently sensible science-backed ways to remember more when you’re studying. Then, for fun as well as for your edification, we’ll look at some off-the-wall but nevertheless science-backed tips to add some icing to the cake. 755 more words

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Honest conversations

As a leader-manager, you no doubt want to be open and honest with your team members. Here are some conversation starters.

Especially with new team members, contractors or temporary workers, and with team members whose performance is merely average, explain how you measure the success of their performance. 360 more words

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Leading and managing people older than yourself

Are any of your direct reports older than yourself? Chances are high, and getting higher, that this is the case.


A study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior examined the emotions experienced by 8000 employees in 61 German companies in a range of industries. 165 more words

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Authenticity rules

Let’s do a bit of navel gazing. Would your team members, your peers, your manager and your family say you are an authentic person? Would they say you are true to yourself despite external pressures? 189 more words

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Whose gold are you polishing?

Dennis was a sales trainer. He complained that the big oil company he worked for wasn’t recruiting good people any more. ‘They just aren’t up to it’, he said. 407 more words

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What to do when you get out on the wrong side of bed

Have you ever had one of those mornings when, right from the start, things just seem to go wrong? I think sometimes you can tell it’s going to be ‘one of those days’ when you’re getting out of bed! 310 more words

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