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Transitions are Painful

Last year I finally decided to put together the Ergodox keyboard that I bought a few years ago through Massdrop. Right after reading The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels I got into “maker mode.” I started to tackle a few projects that I had neglected and built a couple of DIY structures for my home studio. 602 more words

Colemak Progress

According to my latest 10fastfingers.com test, I’m currently typing at 17 words per minute. It’s painful for sure, but I am sticking with my slow progress because I know that in the long-run, I will be glad that I stuck with this new keyboard arrangement. 23 more words


More Colemak Progress

I decided to go full monty today and just finish off with the last two Colemak steps. The pain is real, folks. Truly real.

Till tomorrow,



Colemak: Linux vs Windows

Qwerty ialah layout keyboard tertua yang masih digunakan sehingga 2017. Layout-nya disusun bukan untuk kepantasan menulis. Ia disusun untuk mengelakkan pengetuk-pengetuk huruf typewriter daripada tersekat sesama sendiri. 175 more words

Linux Vs Windows

Learning Keyboard Layout

1. Colemak

Roughly three years ago I decided to learn the Colemak keyboard layout. I did that without moving around the physical keys of my keyboard, i.e., I learned to type it “blind” from the get-go (other than the advantage for typing speed, it also makes it easier to use qwerty keyboards away from home). 1,876 more words