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My Colemak Experience

I have been wanting to switch to an alternative layout since at least 2013. That’s how long you can procratinate on whether to learn Dvorak or Colemak. 504 more words


The experience of switching to Colemak

I’ve been a QWERTY typer since the days of Paws Run on an Apple II machine in elementary school. I can’t even find a reference to the game on the internet – but this would have been in the early nineties, when we wheeled the computer in each classroom to a big room once a week to make a computer lab. 1,627 more words


Switching to Colemak

On Dec 23, 2016 I switched my keyboard layout to Colemak. Colemak is an alternative keyboard layout moving keys around with the intent of a more practical and improved ergonomic layout. 567 more words


On Switching to Colemak

There’s this thing many people will probably go their whole lives and never know about. A ton of alternative keyboard layouts exist other than the default “QWERTY” (named for the letters along the top row of the keyboard). 686 more words



In a moment of insanity, I decided to build and try out an ErgoDox keyboard. So far, it’s pretty good. I really dig the Zealios… 16 more words