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Your keyboard & You... QWERTY is no picnic

Sometimes I think to myself, how much of a nerd could one person be to talk about keyboard layouts. Well, let’s face it. I’m a nerd. 1,034 more words

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A year of Colemak

I first came to know about Colemak while reading Josh Kaufman’s inspirational book “The First 20 hours” so about a year ago a decided to take up touch typing in Colemak. 507 more words


Colemak: 0 to 40 WPM in 40 Hours

On April 1st my first child was born and I started a wonderful month of paternity leave. Holding a sleeping infant leaves you with lots of sleepy hours where its (sometimes) possible to do repetitive tasks, so I decided to follow the 10% of my… 1,020 more words


Spring into Colemak

In a fit of enthusiasm for the challenge of learning something new, paired with the peer pressure of working in a company where all the cool kids* use use an alternate keyboard, (along with the allure of a future where I was able to type 100+ words a minute) I decided March 2015 would be the month I switched to Colemak. 500 more words

Switching to Colemak, 10 days in

Ten days ago, I decided to try and switch to the Colemak keyboard layout. At first, it was about as painful as you might imagine. I went from somewhere around 90wpm down to basically hunt and peck. 73 more words


Rwugchukd gy Cyifmae (Switching to Colemak)

After listening to Matt’s interview with Tim Ferris, I decided to give an alternate keyboard layout a shot. I’ve always been skeptical of the alternate layouts, especially after doing some research into it as part of my undergrad degree. 205 more words


Colemak adventure and getting moving again

In my previous “lives” my work always involve being up, about, jumping up and down, carrying things and a lot of standing up and walking. I have learned to use good body mechanics to avoid injury and minimize discomfort. 357 more words