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Where Two Worlds Touch

A few days ago, I sent my friend Ed in Michigan a link to Andrew Harvey’s Vimeo, “Rumi Returning: The Triumph of Divine Passion.” Ed, a Rumi scholar in his own right, called yesterday morning to thank me and discuss the book he is immersed in at the current time… 1,323 more words

Arthur Sullivan

Quote of the Day

“You are the origin of all jasmine, all narcissi,
and irises to come.
You are sunlight moving.”
~ Rumi, excerpt of Passage Into Silence (tr. by Coleman Barks)


fear grips on - i'm typing anyway

Writing book two, it turns out, is more terrifying than writing the first in the series. It’s more terrifying as the downloads of scenes and dialogues and meaningful discoveries line up to be delivered to the page – each bigger than the last (will I be able to type that fast?). 97 more words


The Dark Thought, the Shame, the Malice.

There I was. Sitting in the car at a red light in the rain listening to the new Coldplay album and reading the liner notes between glimpses through the windshield, when I realised that I was listening to Coleman Barks reading his translation of a Rumi poem he calls… 723 more words

Rumi: 'Only Breath' video


Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu
Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion

or cultural system. I am not from the East… 106 more words

Spiritual Development

the ecstasy of list-making

As a human being, Shams, I feel, is in the area of Gurdjieff, Bodhidharma, Rinzai, Osho, Jonathan Swift, Dostoyevsky, Mark Twain, Nietzsche, Robert Bly, Pascal, Bawa Muhaaiyaddeen, Thoreau, Cervantes, Henri Corbin, Socrates, Brando –here I drift into ecstasy of list-making– Sophocles, Galway Kinnell, D.H.

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Coleman Barks

Soul, like the moon

Watched fog rise this morning from de Chien. . .chien, French  for ‘dog’, Chinese for ‘heaven’; either way, fog rises in the April rainy season and a sentinel crow stands guard on magic maples. 58 more words

Scala Mystica