Colette Claudette

The theme of 2018 so far seems to be: ‘Make what you fall in love with’. I’m okay with that as I have gotten so much enjoyment from making the things I’ve made in the past few weeks. 239 more words

Colette Patterns

Fragrance Friday: Hair Spray/Colette

I’ve now tried something that has tempted me for a while: fragrance for one’s hair, which seems to be a lasting trend. It makes sense, because many people think that fragrance lasts longer on hair than on skin, hair won’t react to allergens as skin might, and most of us are used to scented shampoos. 350 more words

Serenity Now

Impossible - Imagined, part 3


For part one of Imagined, click here.

For part two of Imagined, click here.

“Three mirrors. Three colors. Three fates. Three sisters in a treacle well. 563 more words

Short Stories

Colette Reborn (Kinda)

One of the best parts of Colette, Paris’ recently closed concept superstore, was the stuff on the first floor – blinking Japanese headphones, limited edition Leicas, hard-to-find art books, customized Rolexes. 39 more words


Smart Rereadings: Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited, Colette's The Vagabond, & D. H. Lawrence's The Virgin and the Gipsy

Rereadings:  Seventeen Writers Revisit Books They Love, edited by Anne Fadiman, is a little-known classic.  When I first read this charming collection of essays, I was inspired by Evelyn Toynton’s  “Revisiting… 463 more words

3 gennaio 1907: Colette e Missy

Il 3 gennaio 1907 al Moulin Rouge, durante la rappresentazione della pantomima “Rêve d’Égypte”, la scrittrice e attrice Colette scambia sulla scena un bacio appassionato con l’amica Missy. 49 more words

On This Day

Journaling 101

Why should I journal?

1. It has mental health benefits

It can keep you sane. You may not tell a person all that goes on in your head. 1,160 more words