Colette Aster

I made a Colette Aster top on Sunday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and easily this top came together! I made it out of a cotton gingham from Jo Ann fabrics. 137 more words


Cow Print Colette "Laurel"

Yes, I really am wearing Cow-print!

To see more, click on the link to the full blog post over at Minerva Crafts.


Floral Zinnia Skirt

I thought I’d be saving this post for next Spring but it’s 28 degrees and sunny here in Toronto today, so summer is clearly not over yet! 144 more words


Woodland Critters (Colette Moneta)

I’m sure it will be obvious soon enough- if something has cute woodland critters on it, I’ll want it. I already made one of these Colette Moneta dresses this season in a plaid but when I saw this fabric on the shelf at Jo Ann’s I knew I would be making another one sooner than I expected. 109 more words


Love and caring.

“It is a time for kindness, love, community and human spirit to connect with nature.”

This sentence was written by Colette who blogs over at… 405 more words


Towering Tomatoes

I never did like teamwork.  Here we are trying to destroy evil, and it looks like I’m going to have to do it all myself.  It’s nighttime, and the world is quiet.   1,150 more words


A flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed

I love buying flowers, though am a hopeless at arranging them.  They bring a lightness and brightness to a room and lift the spirits on a dull day.   151 more words