Le blé en herbe : tribulations adolescentes

Cela doit faire au moins cinq ou six ans que j’ai ouvert un livre de Colette pour la première fois. Je l’avais vite refermé : le style, la sonorité des mots, le rythme du récit… quelque chose ne m’avait pas accroché. 769 more words


Not All Strong Female Characters are Warriors: Colette

Ratatouille (2007) is a cute story about a rat named Remy who likes to cook and dreams of being a chef and only eating good food. 870 more words


Spot and Me, Final Part

The concluding part of Colette’s wonderful essay on training Spot.


Chapter Seven – A trip to new territory

Spot had never really been walking anywhere else so a trip to the seaside promenade an hour away by car was in order. 1,731 more words


Ginger (Skirt) Ninja

After the Ginger Jeans sewathon I needed a bit of a palette cleanser – a spot of ‘sewing sorbet’ if you will ;-) It just so happened that I stayed Ginger and went with my TNT… 383 more words


Spot and Me, Part Two

The second part of Colette’s essay on training Spot!


Chapter Four – Training Time

Tom had told me that Spot now knew ‘heel,’ ‘this way’ (left), and ‘that way’ (right), as commands. 2,095 more words


Spot and Me

An essay on dog training.

A week ago in came this email from Colette:

Hi Paul,

I wonder, given your recent post on adopting rescue dogs, if you would like me to write up an account of my retraining of a housesit pet dog?

2,341 more words

Introducing: My Patreon Site

Well, as I begin this new journey into writing full-time, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve launched a Patreon site where I’ll be self-publishing shorter works of fiction and writing-specific blogs and videos as I continue to work on my novels. 465 more words