Sunday Reads: Reading Readiness

Yup it is Sunday…

And I didn’t forget what day it is this time.

While walking into the local Banjoville Walmart, I was stopped by an employee. 2,966 more words

Morning Reads


A new addition to the Immortal Flair team: Nicolette du Toit, our photographer! She enjoys travelling, visiting new and unique places and always has a camera ready to capture the amazing scenery surrounding her. 64 more words


La maison d'enfance de Colette

L’écrivaine Colette (Sidonie -Gabrielle) a passé son enfance à Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, village de Bourgogne qui lui a donné son accent et d’impérissables souvenirs

Seamwork: Why I love it.

Colette has always been a firm favourite for patterns which me and as you should all know by now I am a sucker for patterns. Learning that they go that extra bit is quite exciting and since I have signed up for a subscription to Seamwork I’ve been reaping the rewards. 240 more words


Looking into the gutter: Jean Rhys' After Leaving Mr Mackenzie

I read After Leaving Mr Mackenzie for #ReadingRhys, but, to be truthful, I really don’t think I would have bothered had it not been for that impetus. 538 more words


Colette // Rue Dress

It’s halfway through September and I’ve only just shown you my August makes nevermind told you about my September sewing plans but I’m here today to share with you one of my September makes (who said you had to blog stuff in order anyway?!). 998 more words


Ginghamalong: Checkered Colette Negroni

Today is the day: the Ginghamalong submission deadline. And, thankfully, I actually have a completed object! 377 more words