Colette - Claudine at School

Wicked, vicious and enchanting – girl power in France, circa 1900

A major effect of my sequential twentieth century challenge is that reading in this way will inevitably take me outside the book itself as an isolated reading experience, and focus some attention on the time, culture and geography of its arising – and, I suspect, I shall happily be drawn into ‘biographical fallacy’ as there is always a life being lived (the author’s) in that time, culture and geography. 1,759 more words

Book Review

Colette Aster in Three Ways

If you have followed the blog up until this point, you should be aware that I have an ineptitude for picking out fabrics. I either try to cheap out and use something super random, or..well..let’s be real there is no other scenario. 1,213 more words

Sewing Projects

A collision of patterns

I recently discovered that I have very few smart, winter appropriate, me-made blouses. Packing for a trip last week to Geneva for work I was horrified to discover I literally had nothing to wear. 683 more words


Another Laurel

As I had the pattern all ironed and the fabric on hand, I figured I get on with making yet another Laurel. I’ll spare you the commentary this time aside from saying that I made this dress as size 4 apart from the bust and above which is a 2, and used the same reconfiguration of the bust darts as… 77 more words


Wren Faire Winner!

An exciting little present arrived this week.

Last week I discovered that I had won a copy of The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits thanks to… 91 more words