Colette Sorbetto, Hacking the Hack with homemade bias binding

I decided to hack a hack and make a slightly different version based on Collette’s Sorbetto top.

New techniques/skills
– making my own bias binding… 733 more words


Poverty in Glasgow: It's a thing. Here's how you can help.


What does this word mean to you?

It is a word that seems to cling to our minds – exceedingly in the winter months. A spiralling problem such as this is a restricting situation which no family ever wants to face or hear, as it brings many problems that no one should ever have to deal with. 706 more words


Christmas Crafting Part 1: Five Negroni Shirts

One of the first things I thought about this morning upon waking up, was the realization that I had entirely forgotten to update my blog on my normal posting day. 675 more words



Hi friends!!! I’m not obsessed with jewellery but working at Colette has made me become more aware of the different jewel trends ya knowwww. So when good shit arrives, things that are actually versatile and quality, they get me excited because I know I’ll be able to wear these items outside of work! 248 more words

Monday Window Challenge : Shopping in Paris!

Among the things that make me home sick, window shopping in Paris comes in my top 5. Especially at this time of year .. Wouldn’t it be nice if retail therapy was covered by health insurance ? 13 more words


Completed: Colette Ceylon Round Two

In which I give up on make-up, control of my facial expression, and keeping children and bins out of the picture.  Sorry guys, children and bins make up a large part of my life right now…  It is what it is.   469 more words