Trip to Munich

Trip to Munich

Wir sind Freitag Nachmittag bei schönstem Sonnenschein in München angekommen und nachdem wir unser Gepäck im Hotel abgestellt hatten, sind wir auch gleich losgelaufen um ein bisschen shoppen zu gehen. 730 more words


Appointments, appointments, and more appointments

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. I will try to summarize what’s all happened and get everyone up to date! Colette continues to have many appointments. 1,010 more words


The Innocent Libertine, by Colette

I’ve been wanting to read something from Colette for a while, and I was lucky to find this little book, hidden in a second-hand book stand. 163 more words


Colette says:

consumed by their senses,
always begin by flinging
with a great
display of frenzy into
an abyss.

But they survive,
they come to the surface again. 19 more words

Autumn in Honesuckle

Just posing in front of the doll-house-looking building. Everything in Honeysuckle in Newcastle is so picturesque, it is hard to resist photographing every corner of the scenery. 39 more words


Colette en Vichy

Aujourd’hui, c’est avec une tenue en vichy que Colette est allée chercher un panier de fleurs.

Le haut, est issu du livre des intemporels pour bébés, c’est le modèle a col rond. 67 more words


Un ensemble estival.

La garde robe de Miss Colette se rempli!

En effet, dans les revues «Mon ouvrage» que je possède, je n’ai pas trouvé de robe ou d’ensemble pouvant convenir à Colette. 84 more words