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[Middletown Esoteric Guide] 4. The Celtic Calendar

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There are four novellas, which correspond to the four main festivities of the Celtic calendar.

The way Celts used to mark the time is shown in the ‘Coligny calendar’, an inscription on bronze tablet, written in Gaulish language with Latin characters, dating back to the II century A.D. 322 more words


Seasons turn

Half past eight in early September and it is dark. It is really quite strange when that transition from summer to autumn makes itself felt so pointedly. 852 more words


The Gaulish Coligny Calendar

The Gaulish Coligny calendar was found in Coligny, Ain, France (46°23′N 5°21′E) near Lyon in 1897, along with the head of a bronze statue of a youthful male figure. 1,737 more words

Customs And Tradiitons

Celts as Barbarians (Not, of course)

Just got a chance to watch Terry Jones’ Barbarians, a 4-part TV show filmed in 2006. The first hour-long show is on the Celts. “The Primitive Celts” is the actual title, but the show builds the argument that they were anything but primitive. 702 more words

VIckey Kall

Lunasa '13

“The god Lugh is honored by many at this time, and gentle rain on the day of the festival is seen as his presence and his bestowing of blessings.” — Wikipedia entry for… 380 more words


Celtic Religious Festivals.

We can infer certain things about the religious beliefs of the Celts from the nature of their festivals. To get accurate information about these festivals historians usually turn to the Coligny Calendar which appears to be written in Gaulish by the people of France before the coming of the Romans and this language continued on alongside Latin into the 5th century. 463 more words

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