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Maids and Monsters

Ernest Thesiger’s Dr. Pretorius (OS) tempts Boris Karloff’s monster with a bottle of House of Lords Scotch Whisky in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. I mean, why waste good gin? 545 more words


Silent Rage (1982)

Columbia pictures backed this Chuck Norris flick that takes parts of various genres and balls them up together and believe it or not, makes it work. 781 more words

Daily Take

Feet by Thousands, Gowns by Plunkett and Greer

Kate Hepburn vorkapiches out of control ~ spoilers ahead.

We weren’t really all that taken by CHRISTOPHER STRONG (1933), I’m sorry to say. Of course Katherine Hepburn’s costumes are striking and there’s plenty of pre-code content and it’s interesting to see Colin Clive in as close to a straight leading man role as he ever got. 298 more words



Researches for a current project led me to look for all the images I could get from Universal’s horror cycle of the thirties. And one thing I found was… lots of tea breaks. 110 more words


Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

A prototypical sequel that not only expands on the original film but heightens it. It’s one of the few Universal horror sequels to actually adhere to the continuity – and casting – of the original film making it an essential and seamless follow-up. 173 more words


Frankenstein (1931)

The Grandaddy. Not only the rosetta stone for so many horror tropes but also a touchstone for sci-fi cinema. The mix of gothic graveyards and cavernous castles with buzzing, lightning bolt lab-horror is thrilling and foundational, even today. 134 more words