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SPOOKTOBER: Day 9 — Frankenstein (1931)

Based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel of the same name, James Whale’s adaptation certainly laid the groundwork for the slew of remakes and further adaptations that have surfaced ever since. 283 more words


The October Country Report #7: The Bride of Frankenstein

In the October Country, nothing dies forever. Men, women, beasts, franchises, all must eventually rise from the grave. Tonight we hit an exciting milestone, as we sit down with our first true Universal sequel: James Whale’s masterpiece,  1,596 more words

October Country

The October Country Report #4: James Whale's Frankenstein

Over the fog-shrouded moors comes the somber muffled tone of a distant church bell, ringing out the witching hour. Closer at hand, we can hear the creaking of the gallows as something swings at the end of a rope. 1,515 more words

October Country

Building My Movie Posters Puzzle: The Bride of Frankenstein

In late June of last year I took advantage of some free days to visit my Mother in Virginia for her birthday. It was a fun long weekend that included meals out, a screening of Finding Dory, and an unexpected shared activity when I ran across a puzzle in the book store that was just too good to pass up. 1,705 more words

The Bride of Frankenstein by Moebius Models

After the smash of 1931’s Frankenstein directed by James Whale, Universal were looking for a sequel. Initially unimaginatively titled The Return of Frankenstein, it took four years for Whale to be persuaded to direct the projected film. 311 more words

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

“Woman… Friend… Wife…”

Brevity was the word that kept crossing my mind as I watched Bride of Frankenstein for the first time. As with the original film, and so many other Universal classics, storytelling is stripped to the bare essentials. 502 more words